Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WiP Wednesday - Goals

Okay, so I've been buried up to my eyeballs in revisions. See, I got some really good advice from some really good agents and since it was two people saying the same thing, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

That project is now on hold while I spend some time thinking and examining a few things that need to take place in the novel.

So I've spent some time reading some amazing books. It's a good way to unwind, stop thinking about your own book, and just be a consumer of words. For the past little while, I've viewed reading as a chore, and it hasn't been as enjoyable. I've been thinking things like, "This is taking my writing time." instead of just enjoying the fact that I have time to sit on my couch and read something good. So that's been fun--to just sit and read and not worry about "my writing time." It is my writing time and I'm using it for something productive.

I haven't been writing anything new. At least not since Saturday when I did some final rewrites on the aforementioned novel. But now I need time to absorb and stuff, but I always find myself floundering in the intermittant time.

I was knee-deep into another story, actually plugging away at about 1000 words a day. When the revision ideas came in, that stopped and it's been about a week and half since I've penned a new word. So without further ado, I have three goals. I know you don't know all of my projects, but I'm going to name them anyway.

Control Issues - read other books
The Mirror - revise
Dying to Live - write

What are your goals? How have you been adjusting them as things progress in your "writing life"? Are things progressing in your writing life?


Cathy Witbeck said...

Elena,I just have to tell you, your blog is inspiring. You are a writing whirlwind. I don't know when you find the time to write all that you do, but it makes me dizzy.
Thanks for the kick in the butt that you give to all those who look at your blog and realize, wow, I guess I could take some time to do some of that. And you make it sound fun in the process. You so rock.

Scott said...

Goals . . .

Margarita Nights - perfect the query letter and find an agent. STAT!

Wicked Games - continue revision process.

Secrets - at some point in time, continue revision project.

It's NOT A Wonderful Life (working title only, most likely to change) - keep writing.

Yeah, that seems like a lot, but it really isn't . . . other than the first one. The second one is the next project I want to get ready to query. Oh, wait, forgot this goal . . . write query for follow-up to first project on the list since that project is the continuation of the first project. : )

For me, especially w/Margarita Nights, I totally focused on that project from start to finish without really writing on anything new. Wicked Games was a rewrite of an old, old project, that I really, really love this time around. I really want that one next in line to query after MN and the follow-up to MN, so my main goal will be to get through the editing phases over a period of time . . .oh, and search for some beta readers.


Marybeth Poppins said...

I'm in a writing lay over, a stand still, a ship wreck, an ice age. I'm waiting for the plane to come, the pirates to take over my ship and the dinosaurs to thaw. AS SOON AS that happens I'll be able to get right on track with my writing... (and it should all happen soon....right???)

Jamie D. said...

I think it's fabulous that you've taken some time to just sit and read for enjoyment. There's no way I could write anything if I didn't take time out to just read and relax. So kudos to you for that!

Good luck on the revisions and writing...

As for my own goals - things have been a bit stressful lately with hubby getting ready to switch jobs, and take a substantial pay cut in trade for stability. But I'm plodding along, and will be back on track soon - especially with blogs like this to keep me inspired. :-)

WindyA said...

Elana - I'm a big proponent of the "read other books" goals. Sometimes I have a hard time balancing between reading and writing because I love both so much. But reading - it's the best kind of research out there! Good luck!

Eric said...

You're really impressive Elana. I wish I could say I have done as much, but honestly I haven't been as productive. I have gotten some writing done though, so I haven't stopped completely. Good job on your efforts though. You're my hero!

Annie Louden said...

You are a writing fiend. I take inspiration from you to keep plodding along.

Am working on revisions to a short story. The next critique session is June 28, so I have a few weeks to make the story better.

Lisa and Laura said...

Our goal is to get our freaking book published, stat. What? Unrealistic, you say? Something we have no control over? Yeah, we know...

The other goal is to finish P&P this summer. We've got about 4,000 words down and a pretty good outline going, so that's probably pretty doable.

Have I mentioned that I hate Wednesdays lately? We never get any news on Wednesdays. What. Ev. Wednesday. Whatev.

Tess said...

I love those 'reading break' times. I probably have too many of those and too few 'get my but to the computer and write' times. My goals are:

plot, plot, plot my new WIP.
play with kiddos
sleep in

Yes. good goals.

Katie O'Sullivan said...

Reading other people's books is a good way to clear the mind and get inspired. Except when you read something that makes you utterly jealous ! (LOL)

My current goals are:
mermaid's blood - query my revised ms
mb:book 2 - write more.
finding blue - ponder the revisions suggested in latest round of rejections...getting sick of receiving rejections...

and prepare for kids to be home all summer...

keep at it, elana!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Wow, I am always so impressed by your ability to keep so many different stories going at once! I just cannot commit to another full-length work until I get my current one finished.

Glad to hear you're enjoying your research reading - sometimes it is nice to get lost in someone else's book for awhile!

Lady Glamis said...

You are truly talented, Elana. Congrats on all your progress!

Currently, I'm finally moving forward! I'm outlining and planning a little before diving into my edits and revisions. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elana! I wanted to say thanks for the congratulations! I had so much fun writing that essay, and it actually made me realize that I've been plodding a bit, and not having fun with my writing. Say what? Didn't I start writing for fun?

Goal Number 1: Don't take myself seriously.

Goal Number 2: Figure out a writing schedule now that school is out and the kids are home. I'm not above locking myself in the bathroom and hiding in the bathtub with my laptop, if necessary!

Hardygirl said...

I'm doing the same thing right now. The revisions that I'm working on right now are illustrations, so I've got a great stack of middle grades that I'm reading for education and inspiration.

Love being able to sit back and read--and it's amazing how it opens up your mind to what you can do with your own writing.


Anonymous said...

Love the title Dying to Live...SO GOOD!!! You are amazing - even when you think you aren't accomplishing much, you are doing a inspiring!

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