Friday, February 27, 2015

10 Items You Need in Your Pantry

Okay, so like I said in my last post, I don't like to cook for longer than 30 minutes during the week. That was sort of a lie. I don't like to cook for longer than 30 minutes ANY day of the week!

Either way, I need to have some things on-hand in order to do this. I'm not as organized as some people I've seen, but I have learned to keep these 10 things stocked in my pantry. As soon as I notice I've used the last one, I add it to my shopping list and I re-stock.

1. Garlic powder
-- I use this on pork chops, pork roast, on vegetables, on everything! If I don't have this, then my asparagus actually tastes like, shudder, asparagus.

2. Onion powder -- Ditto the garlic powder. But I also use this in some dry dredges, mostly because I like the flavor of onions, but actually having diced onions in stuff sort of freaks me out.

3. Chicken bouillion -- I use bouillion in all my grains, like rice and quinoa. I also make soups and need it. And sometimes my pan sauces are greatly enhanced by a cube of bouillion.

4. Tomato soup -- I have several recipes that call for this, and it annoys me when I can slap together my sloppy joes if I don't have tomato soup. So I always keep it on-hand.

5. Apple cider vinegar -- Any kind of vinegar, really, but I find that I like the flavor of apple cider the best for salad dressings, to add a bit of acid to my sloppy joes and pan sauces.

6. Barbeque sauce -- I use barbeque sauce in several recipes, but sometimes I just need something to slather on my meat. I never want to be out of barbeque sauce.

7. Ketchup -- Ditto the above. My meat loaf topping has ketchup. If I'm grilling hot dogs, ketchup. Sloppy joes, ketchup. The list goes on and on. I hate not having ketchup!

8. Evaporated milk -- I use this in several soups, and I dislike being out of this crucial ingredient if I'm trying to throw a pot of food together. Plus, we throw this "canned cow" into hot chocolate to make it extra-delicious!

9. Taco seasoning -- Not only can't I make tacos, but forget about taco soup. I like mixing a packet of this with sour cream too, for a more flavorful condiment, especially if I'm trying to get down that fat free sour cream, which I often am.

10. Balsamic vinegar -- This is my absolute favorite marinade for vegetables. It's pretty much how I choke down so many vegetables! Give it a try (with salt and pepper and garlic powder. Yum!).

I use these ingredients ALL THE TIME in various recipes, and if I can't just go to my pantry and grab them out, I'm m-a-d. Because then I can't make dinner.

What have you learned to keep on-hand?


Anita Saxena said...

Butter and Olive oil. And I like to keep a jar of fresh minced garlic for those times powder just isn't enough. Oh, and eggs. Always need eggs.

Angela Brown said...

In line with the garlic powder, I've learned to keep McCormick's Roasted Herb and Garlic seasoning on hand. For some reasone, that season takes the flavor of any food and adds just the right kick to make it even tastier.

Lily Cate said...

For cooking - maple syrup. The real stuff. A little (little!) drizzle of that on chicken or pork, with garlic powder and black pepper makes the most delicious spicy glaze.

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