Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Nominate JUST FRIENDS for publication!

Okay, so I have another book up for a Kindle Scout nomination! This one is called JUST FRIENDS, and it's a clean YA contemporary romance in the vein of Kasie West, Jenny Han, and Huntley Fitzpatrick.

This is the 3rd Scout campaign I've run, and they chose my first book and declined my second. I've had a good experience with them, so I thought I'd give it another go!

If you nominate the book (you need to have an Amazon account, about 15 seconds, and enough stamina to make 2 clicks), you'll get a *free* copy when it releases.


About Just Friends: One guy. Too many girls. No solution.

High school senior, Mitch Houser, is thrilled to have multiple colleges recruiting him because of his record-breaking times on the track, but Mitch hasn’t told anyone the real reason he’s been setting records. He’s trying to outrun his girl problems. Most days, Mitch can’t change into his running clothes fast enough. But Mitch will have to face both Jade and Holly—and decide which one of them to put into the “just friends” category.

I wrote this book during my keyboarding endorsement in the summer of 2012. It's been through a lot of edits since then, and I think the time is finally right to get it out there!

I hope you'll nominate it! Thanks!

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