Sunday, February 3, 2008


ELITE is a young adult paranormal novel. Think X-Men meets Heroes, all while trying to fit in at your new prep school in another country. That's life for fifteen-year-old Hunter Poulsen, who thinks his ability to see numbers is a curse.

Hunter doesn't understand how unique, how valuable, how wicked awesome his ability is, until he's forced to move to Toronto and he winds up at Fenway's Academy for the Arts. Confused about why he's enrolled at a school for fine arts when he can't draw a straight line, Hunter discovers he's the only student in classes like Ancient Numbering Systems and Decimals, Percents, and Fractions.

Someone at Fenway's knows his secret.

Mingling among the next piano virtuosos, Hunter discovers the academy is a front for the real students with talents. He becomes the eighth and final member of the secret Elite team, a group of students with "talents" like aura detection, twisting time, and shifting into teapots. Hunter's ability to literally see the numerical information that underpins the modern world—on walls, sidewalks, even plastered on people's chests—is rare. Now someone at Fenway's wants to exploit it.

When the team breaks into a bank to retrieve a mysterious yellow envelope, Hunter realizes that the Elitists are pulling more than just pranks, they're training to be criminals. He'll have to work with his friends—and his enemies—to find the source of deception before the cops show up demanding answers.

I am a graduate of Southern Utah University, with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a minor in Mathematics. I have been teaching elementary school for nine years and live in Utah with my husband and two young children.

At 85,000 words, ELITE stands alone, but I have begun the second in the Fenway's Academy series, THE BIG SHOW.

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