Friday, May 23, 2008

Keepin' On

Status of my Life:  I missed the Survivor finale.  That's what you get for DVR-ing stuff and falling behind.  Grrr.  I've been rewriting the beginning pages of SHADOWS, revising and editing SHADOWS and FREEBIES.  I wrote a short story last week in the "cyberpunk" genre, and started the sequel to FREEBIES.  Right now it's called FREEDOM.  See why I can't keep up with reality TV?  And "So you Think you can Dance" just started and I love that!

The life of a writer - or maybe an insane OCD lunatic...take your pick!  This is basically what my day is:

Check email.
Read something someone sent me (usually while eating breakfast)
Go to work (where I check email, read, do critiques, check QT, write, edit, revise, whatever)
Go home and put cartoons on for my daughter
Read something someone sent me
Take my son to piano
Check email
Read blogs
Pick my son up and take him to baseball
Read more blogs
Do critiques I'm behind on
Check QT
Check email
Put the kids to bed

I'm exhausted just writing this!

**Notice that I don't eat, I hardly ever sleep, I don't make dinner, my kids watch too much TV...
and I should probably be fired!

Reading:  TRUANCY by Isamu Fukatu

Needing a vacation,

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