Thursday, June 12, 2008

Holy Nervous Energy

Status of my Life: Writing a new novel that has no name. It's about teenage pregnancy, we'll have to see where it goes. And now I'm a complete wreck and need about ten boxes of those strawberry fruit bars from Dreyer's...

Okay, so I haven't actually like, you know, queried. No nerves while I wait forever to be rejected. No checking the email 500 times an hour (I do that now!). But I entered this pitch contest that the Buried Editor had on her blog...

And she requested pages! I'm so nervous! Why, oh why am I so nervous?! I think someone would make a lot of money on drugs for this kind of thing. First, the habitual email checking. I need some pills for that. And now I need something to keep my heart from busting out of my chest as I copy and paste my pages into a new document to send to this woman. Pills, I need pills!

Reading: FREEBIES by Me. This is what I have to send to the editor. HOLY NERVOUS ENERGY. I need a chill pill. Bad.


Anonymous said...

Yay! That's awesome!!

How long a partial did she request?

The Buried Editor said...

I asked for 3 chapters & a one-page synopsis from most people.

I'm glad you're this excited. Everyone's always so professional (like they should be) when they respond, so I never see anything other than cool detatchment. But to warn you, I am horribly, notoriously slow at looking at these things. I will however, try to do your book first. I would hate, HATE, to be the cause of a nervous breakdown. I'm too fond of getting those myself.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks, Buried! For the blog, the contest, everything. I promise not to go completely nuts over this, but if I do, I won't hold you responsible! :)

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