Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Writing Conference Notes

Status of my Life: Staying positive. Sending off my pages...

Another day of conferencing. It was really, really good.

Good: Cool speech from an editor about practicality vs. passion.

Bad: 11 new books I need to read. Add these to the 10 I wrote down yesterday. It's only day 2.

Good: Sitting 5 feet from a New York agent and listening to him talk. Amazing!

Bad: ADHD people raising their hands and asking a ten-minute question in which they reveal their ADHS-ness. (Snarky, I know!)

Good: Funny and delightful MC's. Seriously. Those ladies are funny!

Bad: More classes available than time. I missed the bit by bit, how to write an hour everyday and I really wanted to go to that one...but there was the editor chat, so that won out.

Good: Fun people, helpful presenters, good friends.

Reading: You think I have time to read?! I'm, uh, writing right now. Well, I'm blogging, but I should be writing.

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