Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Junkie Scavenger Hunt Post

Today, I'm one of the stops on the Possession series scavenger hunt! I'm glad to welcome author Elana Johnson to my blog today with a guest post about her series. The third and final book, ABANDON, hit shelves June 4!

Take it away, Elana!


Okay, so yesterday we spotlighted Zenn Bower, one of the narrators of ABANDON. He's had a long journey from Possession--and even before that in RESIST.

But today, we're talking about Jag Barque. We first meet him in prison, and he spends a large part of Possession with Vi, first leading her through his hometown of the Badlands. He's less-than-forthcoming with the information, but as the saga progresses, readers learn in the short story REGRET, through Jag's previous girlfriend, that he's the leader of the Resistance.

Being the leader of a huge group of teenagers spread out across a huge geographical space would be tough for anyone. Jag is no exception, though he's learned to distance himself from everyone emotionally.

Until he meets Vi, of course. Then everything changes, and Jag finds himself working with a new urgency to bring freedom to his countrymen.

Writing from Jag's point of view felt effortless to me. He's emotional, so it's okay for him to cry. He's hot-tempered, so it's okay for him to freak out and fly off. He's smart, and he's quick, and his voice has been in my head for a long, long time.

So when it came time to write a Book 3, I knew it would be Jag's story. I did give him a chance to be on the page more when I wrote REGRET, but that was still someone else's perception of him--and someone, Indy Blightingdale, who wasn't real happy with Jag during the story.

Who better to narrate the third and final book in a battle for freedom, but the person who's been fighting on the front lines?

That person is Jag Barque. Sometimes I find him utterly calculating, and other times he's a complete mess. But he knows what he wants, and he's willing to give everything he has to win.

I hope readers will follow him and Zenn in ABANDON as they work together--though in very different ways--to achieve their ultimate goal.

Today's scavenger hunt can begin here! Somewhere on this map of the Association is the winning city. I've mentioned here in this post, and you can find references to it in all of today's posts. (See complete blog tour here.)

When you know today's scavenger hunt city, enter it in this form for a chance to win one of six Possession series paperback packages and a $50 Amazon gift card!

Continue the scavenger hunt at Stacy Clafin's blog, where she has an exclusive excerpt from Indy, Jag's former girlfriend--and another clue for today's city!

As if that weren't enough, there will be a daily winner of Possession series swag! Enter in the Rafflecopter below.

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If you get lost, you can always go to Elana's blog to find your place. Happy hunting!

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