Monday, May 13, 2013

Introducing Author Services

Okay, I'm sort of a little terrified to do this. I've been doing most of it behind-the-scenes for years now, and I've decided to throw myself into the fray. I might come out bloody, but it might be worth it. Right? Um, right.


So I've decided to offer some services to authors. I have a new tab in my navigation bar, and basically, there are three things.

1. Writing a Killer Query Letter online workshop.
2. Query letter writing/editing services.
3. Blog tour/online publicity services.

In more detail, they are:
Writing a Killer Query Letter online workshop: This 7-week course will be offered once every quarter and is limited to 10 people per class. The cost is $250, and participants will have personal access to Elana (and each other) in a private forum where they will get exclusive instruction on how to write a query letter. Critiques are essential, and everyone will walk away with the personal confidence and professional product to begin querying literary agents.

See what participants of the class have to say:

The first workshop begins on June 2 and runs until July 20, 2013. If you're interested in signing up for the Query Letter Class, but need more information please fill out this form. There is a spot to ask questions, and Elana will be in touch with you to make sure all your concerns are answered.

Your spot is not secured until your payment is received, and Elana will send you an invoice through Paypal for payment. If you're ready to sign up, and don't need to use the form to ask questions, buy now!

The next query letter workshop will be from September 30 - November 16, 2013.

Query letter writing: Let Elana critique, rework, rewrite, or completely pen your query letter. They don't call her the Query Ninja for nothing!

Packages include:
A. Need a polish/fresh eyes/quick read with minor rewriting and advice? Email consultation only. $25

B. Need some extra work, rewording, reorganization, genre advice? 15-minute Skype consultation + email support as necessary. $60

C. Write my letter for me! Two 15-minute skype consultations (one prior to writing the query letter, one following the deliverance of the letter) + email support. $100

Query letter services are available according to Elana's schedule. Elana will read your query and evaluate the amount of work she thinks it needs if you're not sure between package A and B.

Please fill out this form to inquire about query letter services.

No work will be done (besides evaluation reading) until payment is received. After that, query letters will be turned around within 7 days. If you're ready to move ahead with query letter services, and don't need to use the form to ask Elana questions, you can buy now!

Query Letter Critique Services

Blog tours: Elana has worked extensively with YA book bloggers over the past three years, setting up successful blog tours for a variety of authors. Let her schedule and manage your next tour! At this time, she is only accepting YA titles from traditionally published authors. Tours can be arranged for both already-released novels and upcoming releases.

A. 4 week, 20 stop tour (five stops per week, Monday - Friday). $150

B. 3 week, 15 stop tour (five stops per week, Monday - Friday). $100

C. 4 week, 12 stop tour (three stops per week, Monday - Friday). $80

D. 3 week, 9 stop tour (three stops per week, Monday - Friday). $65

Each tour would include a mixture of dedicated reviews, excerpts, guest posts, top ten lists, interviews, and playlists. Themed tours are available.

Each tour would include an animated banner OR blog tour button from Biguy Photography (up to a $55 value), and the author will be provided with information every step of the way.

A PDF review copy of the novel is required, as well as a high resolution book cover and author bio picture. Elana likes to work 2-3 months in advance booking blog tours, so please plan accordingly. She will not start booking your tour until payment is made.

Other Options:
Book Blitz, 2-day intense "bombing" of social media with trailers, cover, book description, simple one-line Q&A, favorite lines from the book, and a $50 gift card giveaway. $125

Fill out this request form to get the process started.

So there you go! I'm excited to be venturing out from behind the scenes!


Christine Fonseca said...

This is awesome Elana...and about time ;) You will rock it and EVERYONE should take your workshops or book tours!

Jemi Fraser said...

YAY! I agree with Christine - about time :) You'll be fantastic!!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I always wondered why you hadn't done this. Good for you!!!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like a great service, Elana. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us all.

ilima said...

I would have paid to have you write my query in a heartbeat. Good luck with your new author're gonna do great!

Angela Brown said...

I'm sure this will be an awesome avenue for you. You'll be great. :-)

Mart Ramirez said...

This is awesome, Elana! It's about time :-) You're so good at all this. Congrats for taking that next step!

Konstanz Silverbow said...

This is very awesome! So excited! I really need the help with a killer query letter so when I am ready, I will be stopping by! :)

Anonymous said...

So cool, E! You are the perfect person for this and I can't wait to see how it all goes! :D

Donna K. Weaver said...

Go, you, Elana! Your classes are always so well done, this seems like a natural step.

It was fun seeing you at the conference!

Jessie Humphries said...

This is so smart! And such a steal, I would pay way more! Anyways, you know I'm going to sign up for a blog tour...I just need a release date!!!!

Peggy Eddleman said...

I am so excited you are doing this, Elana! You are amazingly skilled, and this is worth every penny.

Leslie said...

Fantastic news! I'm so happy you are sharing your skills and talents with others this way and definitely worth every penny.

Bethany Wiggins said...

This is awesome! You are SO good at this stuff--congrats on a fabulous business venture!

Taffy said...

Awesome idea, Elana!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

This is awesome!!! Can I reserve Fall 2014 for a blog tour/bookblitz for my YA debut? What fun to work with you!

June G said...

This sounds wonderful Elana! As soon as I can complete a story I think is ready to hit the big time, I'll certainly use your services!

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