Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Shattered Worlds Feature: The Pirate Episode by Kristy Tate

Shattered Worlds features Kristy Tate's THE PIRATE EPISODE!

The Pirate Episode

YA Time Travel

Cambria Brandt, a senior at Norfolk High, juggles homework assignments, tennis practice, and her overprotective mother, all while struggling to conceal her crush on Dr. Fleur, her biology teacher. But one sip of the witching well water makes all her concerns disappear. 

Flung into the intrigues of the American Revolutionary War, Cami discovers a have on Ile du Ciel, the private island of the pirate Captain Phillip La Fleur. Distress and suspicion soon blossom into romance, luring Cami to a life of ease she could never have imagined. But when Dr. Fleur comes in search of her, Cami finds herself torn between two men, two centuries, and two very different futures. 

From a modern day New England high school to the Caribbean Islands, The Pirate Episode is a romantic adventure that proves love knows no time. 

Exclusive Excerpt!

Brandt stood in the doorway holding her tennis racquet, smiling at him in that
knowing way that he found so frustrating on an eighteen-year-old girl. She
always looked at him as if she could read his thoughts, which would be
disastrous for his position at the school if she really could.
Cambria, I hadn’t heard you come in.”
“I think
I left my book in here.” She looked past him and pointed to her fifth period
chair. “There it is.”
she moved past him, smelling earthy and sweat. The air around her moved. He
could practically feel the molecules rearranging themselves, welcoming her into
his space. Typically he didn’t notice what women—girls, he corrected
himself—wore, but he found Cambria’s too-short tennis skirt and tank top hard
to ignore.
he couldn’t indulge in such thoughts about Cami—or any of his students—Joel
strode to his microscope. The bottle of water from the Witching Well sat on the
counter. He had forgotten about that. He picked it up, intending to throw it
“I heard
your sister is getting married,” Cambria said, pausing beside him.
cleared his throat. “Yes.”
that she’s going to be running the dress shop out of your grandmother’s house.”
he repeated, adjusting his glasses so that he could see her better. Damn. Why
did she have to look like that? Long blond curly hair, damp with sweat. Flushed
skin. Shining eyes.
“I think
it’s so cool. All the girls love Delia’s Dress Shop. I can’t wait to see her
wedding dress. Celia is so talented.”
nodded, cursing himself for social ineptitude and his inappropriate thoughts. She’s a kid, he berated
himself. Get a grip.
her hand in front of her flushed face, she nodded at the water bottle in his
hand. “Can I have a drink? Do you mind?” She reached for it and her fingers
brushed his. Tingles shot up his arm.
unscrewed the lid. “The water fountain on the courts is still broken.”
that’s not—” Joel began.
Cambria didn’t stop to listen. “Don’t worry. I won’t put my lips on it,” she
said. Tipping her head back, she poured the water from the Witching Well into
her mouth.
tennis racquet, water bottle and book fell with a clatter as Cambria vanished.


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Kristy lives in Southern Orange County with her husand, son, and her Schnauzer, Grendel. She studied English Literature at Brigham Young University and at BYU's international center in London. She is an award winning and Amazon bestselling author.

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