Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crit Buddies

Status of my Life: I'm floating on cloud nine right now because a girl I met at QT read my novel and loved it. That's one person. Yea! Success! Currently working on ELITE, trying to pin down the ending, and I'm still pretty perturbed that Carly got voted off AI last night. Oh, and Survivor is on tonight. Now that Ozzie is gone, I guess I'm cheering for Cerie.

Okay, I love my critique group. I really do. We've been online together for a couple of months and I feel like I know them. We joke and help each other. We vent. We cry--well at least I do. Especially when my own work is posted, shredded, the life seeping out of every word I labored over. And they dissect it like nothing, like my heart and soul didn't go into every bit of it.

And I love them for it. And no, I haven't really cried--yet. But the past week or so, I've been feeling incredibly inferior. I feel like I should be making some progress, but I don't seem to be. So that's why my new best friend at QT made my day (even though she read an entirely different novel). Oh, and you should read Nathan Bransford's blog today. He has a really funny line in there about how he could reply to query letters. I'm still laughing!

Reading: Wish it was FROSTBITE by Richelle Mead, but it's not here yet. So it's RANGER'S APPRENTICE #4 by John Flanagan and SPECIALS by Scott Westerfeld.

Tomorrow's Friday!

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