Thursday, September 11, 2008

Critique Groups

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That aside, I've been thinking a lot about critique groups lately. Are they worth it? What if the advice isn't that good? Does my work really need to be critiqued?

I've been in a "live" critique group for five months now. We meet every other Thursday and critique the next segment in our novels. It's fun. I have a good time. And when two or three of them say the same thing, I know I have some work to do. I appreciate their insight, their fresh eyes. And we've become friends over the five months.

I've also been a member of online critique groups. My first one brought me down, and my heart would pound every time I posted. I just knew it was going to be ridiculed and torn to shreds. I ended up leaving, but it taught me one thing--how to have a thick skin. And that's essential in the publishing world. So I thank them for that.

I'm still in an online critique group. The people are fabulous, a couple of them actually write in my genre and their advice is invaluable. The best part: they're honest without being snarky about it. So I've come to the conclusion that critique groups are good--if you can find one that is filled with like-minded people. To me, that's people who care about good writing, helping others without expecting anything in return, and improving their own craft as well as yours.

My live crit group is fantastic. I love them all. My online crit group have become my support through good writing, not-so-good writing, personal drama, and most of all they make being in a critique group worthwhile.

Crit on!

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Carrie Harris said...

I've been thinking a lot about critique groups myself. Mind if I asked how you found your online group? I got burnt once myself, and now I'm a little scared, but the feedback is so absolutely invaluable. I think I should probably stop being so gosh darned neurotic. :)

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oh, I'm jealous that you have a live crit group as well as an online one! Don't get me wrong - my online groups are invaluable - but being able to kick around ideas with other writers face to face is something I miss!

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