Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stay on Target...

I've been so scattered lately, I can't seem to stay focused on anything. I find myself clicking on Firefox after five minutes of concentration on my synopsis or my query letter. I have goals, they're not being met. Serious distraction issues. Serious.

I can't help but share my newest addiction. No, I don't mean the Dreyer's lemonade fruit bars. Seriously, people. If you haven't had one of those things, dude. Now. Get the keys now. They are deliciouso. Major good eats.

Anyway, my new online distraction is I Can Has Cheezburger? Freak, if you haven't seen this, you so need to. Here are a couple that made me have some major spewage, like Sprite-out-the-nose spewage. Which burns a little, by the way.

For Harry Potter fans...

I love beavers. Just the word beaver makes me smile. This one is classic beaverdom. Priceless.

More funnies:


And my favorite, which I am not doing. If only I could stay on target...I might meet my goals. But i haz dem. :D


Carrie Harris said...

Please warn me before mentioning lemonade fruit bars again. Because now I need to get dressed and go to the store. Mmmmm!

ali said...

ROFL!!! Those were awesome. And now of course? I gotta go check that place out. Thanks.

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