Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Movies From Books

Status of my Life: In Between. Really. That's a city in my WiP.

I love Harry Potter. I really do. I was super excited for the movie to come out right around Thanksgiving. And now it's been moved. *sigh* I guess I can wait until next summer to see the next installment. But, man I was disappointed.

My only consolation is that Twilight was moved up in it's release date. Although my birthday is on December 11, and it would have been wicked cool to see the movie the next day as my present. *double sigh* But seeing it just before Thanksgiving will be good, too.

There are a couple of other movies-made-from-books I'm looking forward to. The Tale of Despereaux comes out on December 19, and Inkheart starring Brendan Fraser comes out on January 9. So I guess I have something to keep me entertained while I pine for Harry. :D

Reading: A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Libba Bray. Still. It's great, but the reading time's been on the low end for a while.


H. L. Dyer said...


This super-sucks about the Harry Potter movie.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

The thing question is with the movie from books do you like to read the book or see the movie first? Or does it not matter? I usually find that if I read the book first the movie is a disappointment, but if I do it the other way around - the book just enriches the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

I like to read the book first. The written word is so much better, and I can create the scenes how I see them in my own mind. There's nothing better than that. As long as I don't expect the movie to be like I imagined the book in my mind, I'm good.


Miss Java said...

I am so looking forward to Twilight, Potter, and Inkheart as well!

Too bad we don't live closer so we can go together!

celticqueen said...

Ahhh, I started A Great and Terrible Beauty months ago and what with one thing and another I haven't made much progress. I need to remedy that :) And, like you, I can't wait for all those movies, but I am just beyond excited because tonight is the premiere of True Blood, the HBO series based on the Sookie Stackhouse books! Wahoo!!!!

Pierre said...

I ripped my clothes off, tossed them into a garbage can by the tub, set the clothes on fire in the garbage can, hopped in the shower, washing my wretched skin, leaned on the wall as I shook in maddening tears, clutching myself like a little baby, screaming, "Why, Harry??? WHY?????? SUMMER OF 2009!! WHY????"

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