Friday, January 23, 2009

Comment Contest Winner!

This was so much fun for me! If you didn't see my first post on how all this comment-wackiness came about, check it out here and here.

So onto the contest! There were many funny entries. I loved them all.

Like this one by Lisa. "I am not allowed to eat burnt toast, it gives me the RESHIES." It's a standing joke with my family that I eat my toast "burnt." It's so not burnt. It's simply brown. Yet I've been teased about "burning my toast" for twelve years. So the inside joke is pretty durn funny.

Mandie cracks me up just because of who she is. Her comment was priceless. "Gramma wished me Mazel Tov while I was sitting on my tuchus in the SMAZI--oy vey!" Even though I'm not entirely sure what it means, she had me at tuchus and then that oy vey! LOL.

Now, I'm really torn. I'm going to choose a winner from the five finalists below.

1. I loved Mary Lindsey's comment. "CONANTER the Barbarian gazed dolefully at his broadsword as he donned the pale pink tu-tu, regretting the loss of the bet with his older brother, Conan." I mean, how funny is that?

2. But I love Cole Gibsen's too. Another inside thing, but it is FUN-nee. "nonsc –verb (used with object)
1. Nonsc is what LOL cats do when their mouths are too sticky with peaunut butter to nom."
And I sorta think she should get bonus points for defining that it's a verb. That went a long way in my teacher book.

3. Archetype had me at "Dude." Usually anything with "dude" will win me over. "Dude, have you seen those awesome GRASTSHI hedges they used to write Elana's name?"

4. Then Authoress joined the party with "MENAR at the root of every evil in a woman's life." Couldn't. Stop. Laughing. Then she posted "Indiana Smith, archaeological hero wannabe, burst into the chamber, startling the bound and blindfolded heroine, who cried, "UNTSTI me, you fool!"" Indiana Smith? Awe-some! UNTSTI me? Holy made of awesome.

5. And Ali's "I'm an idiot and cannot think of an hillarious way to use the word FIGHTIVE so I giveupive." made my day. I'm going to have to start putting -ive at the end of everythingive. Or maybe notive. LOL.

And the winner is...Mary Lindsey! I just can't get over CONANTER. I sorta want to name my next hero Conanter. He could go by "Co" for short. Or "Nanter." Now that's funny!
Mary wins the $10 Barnes and Noble gift card! Yay! Email me at elanajohnson (at) gmail (dot) com for instructions...WOOT!


Michelle McLean said...

congrats mary!!!! Yeah, that one had me rolling :D good choice! :D

Cole Gibsen said...

What a fun idea! And I am so honored *blush* to be a finalist

Mary Lindsey / Marissa Clarke said...

LOL! Yay for my luck of drawing a funny word! Thanks for bestowing upon me the honor of being first place winner. It was DELCTILTI decision, I'm sure, because every one of the entries made me guffaw.

I'd like to donate my B&N gift card to my good friend, Elana, who made my day with such a fun contest.

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Mary! There were so many funny entries.

Elana, I'll never look at those verification words the same way again. Sorta makes me want to UNCOM previous comments all over the place so I can rewrite them using the v-word. ;-)

Sarah Jensen said...

Congrats Mary, and yeah, those were great choices Elana. My mind wouldn't work well enough to play. So now I need to go read all the entries. :)

Jenn said...

Elana, I'm sad I missed out on this contest! You all talked me into spending less time blogging on Thursday night and then, BAM, there goes your contest by in a flash on Friday! LOL.

But, it doesn't WORIMI because the next time you do one of these things, I'll blow it out of the park. :)

Anonymous said...

So fun...thanks for doing this Elana!

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