Friday, March 13, 2009

FAIL Friday

I hope you have one of those big seat belts like on a roller coaster, cuz it's gonna be a wild ride. I bring you this weekly wrap-up of FAIL.

1. Driving slow in the inside lane. Come on. I passed a student driver on the right this week. They were going 10 under the speed limit! Has the general rule of "Slower Traffic Move Right" gone obsolete now? FAIL

2. Writing a query letter without the four parts. Check here for the first post. Also, submitting query letters to agents without following guidelines. I took a screen shot of Colleen Lindsay's tweet the other day. This comes after her made-of-win queryfail marathon last week. No punctuation? FAIL

3. Daylight savings time. I don't think this needs elaboration at all, but I will pontificate. Not only was I dog-tired because of the time switch, but our district decided to have professional meetings the Monday following said time switch. This does not a good week make. FAIL

4. Expired debit cards. This is a great story. I hope it makes you snarf. Me? Not so much.

So my debit card gave up the ghost on the last day of February. My bank didn't send me a new one. I was a little peeved. Called the bank. They said they did, indeed, send a shiny new card. Canceled said card cuz I didn't get it. Issued a new one to be mailed in 3-5 days for delivery in 8 -12 days.

Just wait. It gets better. "Just know it will come in a nondescript white envelope with no marking from XXX bank."

Are you kidding me? I probably threw the other one in the trash! I don't open every piece of mail. Who has time for that? There's reality TV to watch, blogs to read (and write), voices yelling in my head, kids who are hungry, piano lessons to drive to...and I'm supposed to open the nondescript white envelope with no indication as to what's inside?!?

Yes, yes, you are.

Whatever. The new one is coming. I have to write a check for everything. It's annoying. I hate my life for the next 8-12 days.

So then I decided to take all my tax stuff to my accountant. Thought I better open all the crap they needed so they wouldn't have to (they bill by the hour, you know). Guess what I found?

A nondescript white envelope.

With my now-canceled debit card inside.


5. Dancing with the Stars. Now, I think most of you are extremely aware of my addiction to reality TV. I watch pretty much everything. DWTS has been a favorite. Until this year. Um, the words "the Stars" are in the title of the show. The only person who could even be considered a star (Jewel) dropped out due to injury. There are no stars. Sorry. Playboy bunnies, the Bachelor reject and computer nerds do not Stars make, not matter how rich they are. Sorry, ABC. FAIL

What have been your FAIL moments this week? Lay it on me. Maybe then I won't feel so stoopid about my debit card. *snarf*


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

OMG, my debit card is set to die in a few months, I better keep my eyes open for a nondescript envelope. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my debit for that long, I suppose there is that paper money that other people are always carrying around...

ElanaJ said...

Whoa. Wait. What is this paper money you speak of? LOL. Yeah, I get that out of the ATM...with my DEBIT CARD. Le sigh.

Kat Harris said...

Crap! Your post just reminded me that I forgot to watch the season finale of Sober House last night on VH-1.

Wait a second while I image-Google the word "Loozr" today. Dang, I knew it. Now MY picture is there.


On the bright side, be glad it was your debit card at the checkout and not your driver's license at a patrol stop.

celticqueen said...

LOL ROFL over your debit card drama...sorry, but it's funny :D

And you have a point with the "stars" in Dancing with the Stars, but I still love and religiously watch that show. In fact, Holly Madison (the Bunny) joining the show has made me want to watch it more because I (and please don't tell anyone) watch The Girls Next Door...the show she was on with Mr. Hefner's other bunnies...I know I know...but I watched it once and got hooked...what'd ya do? :D And hey! Denise Richards is on there, she's in movies, she was married to Charlie Sheen, she counts! It's not called Dancing with the A-listers after all ;-)

jess said...

dude, why are you having an accountant do your taxes? how about you let ME do them for you??? i'm much cheaper, as in FREE. ZERO dollars.

Lady Glamis said...

I forgot to pay our car registration... luckily we haven't pulled over. :)

ElanaJ said...

Forgot to watch Sober House. FAIL

A-listers! Ha ha! Still, I want STARS. Not loozrs-who-have-a-lot-of-money-and-or-blonde-hair., IDK. Paying someone to do your taxes when your sister will do them for free. FAIL

Forgetting to pay the car registration. FAIL

Keep 'em coming!

disorderly said...

Had to run quick errand. Dashed to car in pitch-blackness and pouring rain. Backed down unlit driveway toward unlit street...and right into tiny car that was the same color as the night.

Darn dinky car was parked halfway across my driveway!

Didn't recognize *#&%! dinky car and couldn't find owner among neighbors. Gave up on errand and stomped back into house cold, soaking wet and furious.

FAIL, both of us...miserably.

Fortunately I didn't zoom backwards out of the driveway like I sometimes do. Neither vehicle got more than a scratch. Normally I'm a pacifist, but if I ever spy that *#&$&@(#$&#&^$&@(#! dinky car again, the driver is toast.

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