Thursday, March 12, 2009

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger...Oh Yeah

Okay, so I listen to music a lot. My newest song is sweeter than anything. I first saw this video on Jessica Verday’s blog. It was made of awesome. I liked it. Moved on with my life. Then I watching TV (what else?) and heard a little snippet of it.

Enter my dumb self.

I gushed to my DH about this cool video I’d seen on a friend’s blog, and oh, my heck, you have to see it. So I find the post on Jess’s blog and show him. He’s, um, not impressed. Can’t even make it through the song.

Dumb self exits, hanging head.

I should have known. My husband does not get the things I do. It’s a sheer miracle we got married and have remained hitched for so long. My sense of humor is totally different. Oh well. Maybe that what makes it work.

Anyway, so I figured out the name of the song and downloaded it. Some of you may recall my new love for techno. Yeah, this is it.

Not only that, since the FAIL of my first novel, this song has become my motivation. Just listen to the words.

Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


More than
Hour Our Never
Ever, After
Work is Over

Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


Work it Harder
Make it Better
Do it Faster
Makes us Stronger

More than Ever
Hour after our
Work is never over

That part in yellow is what's been inspiring me lately. In all areas of my life. So, see? Good things can come from listening to techno music. Pshaw. Can someone please tell my DH that? Thx.

And because you've got to see the Daft Hands...


Annie said...

I love that song! And also DP's "Technologic."

That video made me truly happy. Thanks for sharing!

For more techno, I recommend listening to Benny Benassi radio on pandora.

Lisa and Laura said...

I'm so glad your hubs doens't get you sometimes too. I guess opposites really do attract, right?

My husband is obsessed with sports and only reads NON-fiction. Can you even imagine? I shudder at the thought of life with out fiction.

Oh well...guess it's good to have someone to balance you out, right?

celticqueen said...

I love that song!!! And the hands are truly awesome...don't worry, my husband doesn't get it either...I'm with we managed to get hitched and stay hitched amazes me sometimes :) He hunts and fishes and that's about it - doesn't read AT ALL unless it's a magazine in the bathroom, and the very very occasional military fiction book. Meaning, he's read a total of four books, I think, in the eight years we've been married (although he did read Da Vinci Code and two other Dan Brown books, so actually that brings his count to 5 books in 8 years) :D But seeing as how I read a minimum of 2 books a week and am a writer (he's read something of mine once, I think, and that was only after it was of the Chicken Soup for the Soul essays). Anyhow, off on a total tangent, sorry!!

I now have that song in my head. I must go listen to it now. I bought the Biggest Loser Top 40 workout CD because it has that song on it :D

Liz said...

I just have to say my mouth is still hanging open. I wonder how long it took him to get that right?

Lady Glamis said...

Awesome message!

Jen said...

Ooooh, I love that song! My cabin actually did a dance to it for the camp talent show last summer. We each had an assigned word that we had painted somewhere on our bodies (arms, legs, hands, whatever). Mine was "over" and I had it painted so that it could only be read when I crossed my arms. It was awesome. :)

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