Monday, March 9, 2009

(Sc)Hairy Commentary

So I got a haircut. I always know it's going to be quite the day at school when I do. See, I teach elementary school. Grades K - 6, and I see the whole school over a two-day period. So I knew last week would be one of those endurance weeks where I have to answer the obvious question of "Did you cut your hair?" like a billion times. With a smile.

Add to that this one: "Did you dye your hair?"

Yes, kiddies. Yes, I did.

So I bought copious amounts of Dove dark and braced myself for the onslaught of obvious questions. Through it all, there were some pretty darn funny looks, staring, double-takes, and yes, even laughing. On Wednesday, I channeled a chicken and most of my hair on top stuck straight up in one of those things-that-chickens-have-that-no-one-knows-what-they're-called.

I also got a lot of funny comments:

1. From a fifth grader (yes, I'm smarter than they are): "It's weird...but I like it."

2. From a third grader: "Is that a wig?"

3. From a fifth grader: "You look like a rockstar." (If only they knew...)

4. From a kindergartener: "You look like my mom."

5. From a sixth grader: "Bok, bok, bok, b-gok!"

And last, but not least. From my dear hubby (DH).

DH: "I really like this style, babe. It's way better than your last one."
Me: "The last one was a stepping stone to this one."
DH: "That was one ugly stone."

I told you I could barely go out in public. Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought so. *snarf*


Kat Harris said...

Some kid actually had the gall to ba-gock you? That little ...


By the way, that chicken thing is called a comb. (What can I say? I live in Nebraska.) My brother-in-law used to have a blue one when he played in a band in Philadelphia. (But his was on purpose.)

If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here sista. I've got my fair share of bad hair stories, including home-perm nightmares.

I've thought about starting a support group for sufferers of post traumatic stress induced by bad hair experiences. :-)

Lady Glamis said...

Wow! Lots of different reactions. What matters in the end is how you like it. That's it. :)

Jenn said...

LOL! I especially like, "Is that a wig?" :)

When I was in 6th grade, my mom gave me a home perm, like, the day before school started. Note to all moms out there: Don't do that. Anyway, my TEACHER called me "little orphan Annie." Yeah. I said "teacher." Not "6th grader." Seriously, there should be a law . . .

Carrie Harris said...

Wow. This reminds me of a song called "Bad Haircut" by Wally Pleasant. My favorite lines:

"One woman said I look like her Pekingese, and my parents think that I have a disease."

Hm... not as funny when you write it down. But your entry was funny.

Man, I'll shut up now. :)

Lisa and Laura said...

Your husband's comments on the hair sound all too familiar. I'm a little (ahem) adventurous when it comes to cutting and dying my hair.

See here:

and here:

for evidence. Not pretty.

disorderly said...

Elana, I feel for you! I have naturally curly hair, and I live on an island where the humidity rarely drops below 300 percent. Those two things should be mutually exclusive.

As if that unfortunate convergence weren't bad enough, I'm a redhead. My other half, bless his evil heart, is a great cure for hair-related vanity: "Hm," he'll say just as I think I've subdued the Medusa-like mop. "Having another Bozo-hair day, are you?" :-|

celticqueen said...

Holy crap, I am crying I'm laughing so hard...I love your husband's comment LOL

ElanaJ said...

Thanks for all the hair love, guys. Kat, a comb! Doh!


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