Wednesday, September 30, 2015

CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE Cover Reveal and Scavenger Hunt

Okay, so I'm taking part in a pretty cool cover reveal that will take place over the next few days. Author Christian McKay Heidicker is here to tell us all about how YOU can participate and enter to win a copy of his forthcoming book, CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE, and other prizes! Take it away, Christian!


Hello, everyone. My name is Christian McKay Heidicker.


Whew. That’s a mouthful. Let’s try . . .


There. Better.

You may be asking yourself, where’s the cover? I came here to see a cover.

Okay, first, have I told you how nice your hair is looking today?

And second, the cover isn’t here.

CURE’s cover art is a little intense to take in all at once, so for everyone’s safety, I’ve divided it into nine pieces (er, pixels) and spread them across the Internet.


To make a scavenger hunt, of course. What’s the use of a book about a kid going to video game rehab if there isn’t some gaming first?!

Also, this will be your chance to take in all of the juicy (potentially scandalous) details of the cover before it’s fully revealed.

The art is reminiscent of books like I Spy or Where’s Waldo, so this scavenger hunt will work just like that . . . except instead of finding a cats eye marble or some seemingly friendless chump in a red and white striped sweater, you’ll receive ACTUAL PRIZES.

Five lucky winners will receive a signed ARC (advanced reading copy) of CURE FOR THE COMMON UNIVERSE (cover obscured for obvious reasons) AND an embroidery of one of the phrases from the book, hand stitched by the extremely talented Cotton Floozy.


For every three things you discover hidden in the nine pixels and email to cmheidicker(at)gmail(dot)com or message me on Facebook, I’ll enter your name again . . . and again . . . and again. (There’s a lotta stuff on that cover.)


Subject: Manic Pixel Scavenger Hunt

Dearest Christian,

I found:

1. A puppy made of garlic cloves
2. A bottomless bowl of undercooked breadsticks
3. A Christmas tree wearing lipstick
4. Amelia Earheart’s monocle
5. A bottomless bowl of overcooked breadsticks
6. A Who*

*(Objects not actually on cover, but no less interesting than what’s really on there.)


So, no, the cover is not here. But fear not! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting their whereabouts on this blog and at (You can also follow them with #cureforthecommonuniverse and #manicpixel.)

Tomorrow, the Manic Pixel Scavenger Hunt begins!

In the meantime, go check out the book on Goodreads!

Again, the cover is exquisitely complex, and in my personal opinion, AMAZING. It was designed by Greg Stadnyk with art by eboy (that of Miley Cyrus.

Prepare to be CURED, June 2016.


Fun, right? So tomorrow, I'll get to reveal one of the nine pixels and you can come check it out to email Chrisitan things you see. So come on back tomorrow to see it!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Writing on Empty

Okay, so this has been one of the roughest starts to a school year I've had. For a few weeks there, I literally came home and stared at a screen. TV. Kindle. Didn't matter. I had no creative juices inside. I was literally empty.

I didn't write. I have things I wanted to write, but I couldn't force myself to do it. I shouldn't have to force myself to do it.

Well, about a month into school, I started to feel human again. And that's when I realized that I can't write on empty. I also realized that I could write on nearly empty, and the more I did that, the fuller my tank became.

It was weird. I would think that the more I expend, the less I have, but with writing, it's the opposite for me. Writing rejuvenates me, but I have to be in a certain place to even get the document open. I'm happy to be back writing again, being able to manage my time and my stress to be able to do that.

Do you get filled when you write? Are you empty or full right now?

Monday, September 21, 2015


Dude, today and tomorrow, my YA contemporary romance novel, SOMETHING ABOUT LOVE, is free! F-R-E-E. No money whatsoever. 

Head over to Amazon and get your free copy!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Second Chance Ranch!

Dude, okay, so my first foray into the Christian romance market is happening today! I'm super-excited about it, but also a little nervous. It's not my first book, but it is a completely different genre (thus the pen name), and I'm just not sure how it will be received.

But I need something to keep my mind off the fact that my agent is submitting my contemporary romance, and that the edits I'm expecting aren't here yet. This is the first time I'll be working with this editor, and I have little shivers in my stomach as I wait. What will the edits be like? Will I be able to do them? You know, the typical angst.

Anyway, I've enjoyed my little jaunts into the self-publishing world, and this time has been no exception. I hope you'll get a copy of Second Chance Ranch this week so it'll land on your Kindle on September 15.

Pre-order now!

Ever done something a little new and a little scary? How did it go?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Fitting Work Into Life

Okay, so I've been MIA around the blog and blogosphere for a few weeks. Can I just say that teaching is really kicking my trash this year? I don't know if it's because I'm getting older (cough, cough). Or because I'm teaching an extra class this year. Or because all my classes are pretty large (35+).

But when I get home from work, I am T-I-R-E-D. I basically stare at the TV, or lose myself in mindless Kindle games until I'm completely zoned out. I might be able to get on Instagram and double-tap a few times. Sometimes I run through my Facebook groups and hit like. But there's no way to stay caught up, and I barely have the energy to make dinner let alone all this other stuff.

It has been hard fitting work into my life! I feel like this at the end of every summer, so I know I'll survive, but this feels like it's taking longer to settle into a routine. My creativity is completely shot, and I haven't been able to work much on my writing, and I'd like that to change too.

Any tips for how to avoid the staring and mindless games?? I'm all ears.

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