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The Shattered Worlds Boxed Set is Available Today!

It's release day for the Shattered Worlds Boxed Set! This has been a long time coming, and I'm trying to make the USA Today bestseller list with this boxed set, so if you have a dollar and a few seconds, I'm asking you to buy the boxed set this week!
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This boxed set has 23 books you can't find anywhere else, and it has something for everyone: dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, steampunk, and of course, time travel!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Shattered Worlds Feature: Sea So Blue by Nichole Giles

Shattered Worlds features Nichole Giles's SEA SO BLUE!

Sea So Blue

NA Romantic Fantasy by Nichole Giles

Caspian is looking for his mother. Snatched from the beach as a child and raised as a half-breed Mer-Prince in the long-lost city of Atlantis, his turn to rule is coming fast. When Caspian learns that the Mer in Oceania have found a method to visit land—a practice forbidden in Atlantis—and later return to the sea. Unfortunately, the “magic” method involves poison so potent that only half-breeds with undamaged lungs can survive it. When his Sea King father forces Caspian’s engagement to a mermaid he can’t stand, Caspian decides it’s time to go in search of his human roots, and the woman who gave him life.

Elise has nothing left to lose, except the house she grew up in and a beat-up classic car her father had intended to restore. While her friends leave home for college and abroad, she’s stuck waitressing at The Sea Turtle, begging for enough hours to pay her power bill, and using her lunch breaks to place flowers on her parents’ graves. Not only is she not looking for love—she’s not even looking for friendship. Loss is something she knows too much of, and she can’t survive any more. But when she finds a mysterious stranger wandering the cemetery, she takes pity on the pathetic soul and brings him to her work where she can feed him a solid meal.  

The innocent meeting turns into an unbreakable bond, and sets off a chain of events that leaves them both questioning their place in the world—be it land or sea—and discovering just how essential love and family can be.
Exclusive Teaser!

I’ve brought you some clean pajamas to sleep in. I’m just going to leave them
outside the door.” She couldn’t hear the water running, so when he didn’t
reply, she kept talking. “I’d be  happy to run your clothes through the wash, if
you want. You can get them to me when you’re finished showering.”
She laid the pajamas on the floor, and the bathroom door swung open, revealing a strapping body—carved from curve upon curve of taught muscle,
covered in skin so white that the reflection of the bathroom lights flashed from every glistening bend—all six feet of bare skin. Elise’s mouth fell open as she dragged her eyes up to his face, compelling herself to keep them there.
“Hi.” Her voice squeaked, though she couldn’t decide if it was from shock or nerves or all-out lust.
He’d wadded his clothes into a tight ball and held them in his hand, which he extended to her. “I thank you for assisting me with my coverings. They had begun to feel stiff and unnatural.”
Elise stumbled backward, breath quickening as she accepted the crunchy bundle. “I…you didn’t have to…I could have waited until you were finished and,” her eyes flicked down his body, then back up again, “dressed.”
“Dressed? But did you not request to clean my clothes?”
“Yes. I suppose I did.” While Elise fumbled for footing, for words, for breath, Caspian tilted his head, glorified in his humble masculinity, and unfazed about standing naked in the presence of a virtual stranger. When she backed into the wall, he leapt forward and lifted her by the elbows, as if to save her from crashing to the ground, and replaced her on her feet. “Are you all right?”
With his bare chest mere inches from her face, and his other parts far too close for her to ignore, she nodded a mute yes and tucked his clothes beneath her arm.
Noticing the pajamas she’d set on the ground, he picked them up, his face illuminating with pleasure as he ran his fingers over the soft cotton and flannel. “When you see me next, Elise of the land, I shall be cleaned and dressed, awaiting our next adventure together.”
Elise blinked, at a complete loss for words as Caspian closed himself in the bathroom with a soft click.


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Nichole Giles, the author of The DESCENDANT series, and The WATER SO DEEP series, has lived in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas. She is a fan of all things paranormal and magical, and her dreams include owning a garden full of fairies, riding a unicorn, and taming the pet dragon she adopted at a recent local ComiCon. She loves to spend time with her family, travel to tropical and exotic destinations, drive in the rain with the convertible top down, and play music at full volume so she can sing along.

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