Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Nominate JUST FRIENDS for publication!

Okay, so I have another book up for a Kindle Scout nomination! This one is called JUST FRIENDS, and it's a clean YA contemporary romance in the vein of Kasie West, Jenny Han, and Huntley Fitzpatrick.

This is the 3rd Scout campaign I've run, and they chose my first book and declined my second. I've had a good experience with them, so I thought I'd give it another go!

If you nominate the book (you need to have an Amazon account, about 15 seconds, and enough stamina to make 2 clicks), you'll get a *free* copy when it releases.


About Just Friends: One guy. Too many girls. No solution.

High school senior, Mitch Houser, is thrilled to have multiple colleges recruiting him because of his record-breaking times on the track, but Mitch hasn’t told anyone the real reason he’s been setting records. He’s trying to outrun his girl problems. Most days, Mitch can’t change into his running clothes fast enough. But Mitch will have to face both Jade and Holly—and decide which one of them to put into the “just friends” category.

I wrote this book during my keyboarding endorsement in the summer of 2012. It's been through a lot of edits since then, and I think the time is finally right to get it out there!

I hope you'll nominate it! Thanks!

Monday, April 3, 2017

April Featured Books: RIFT and MEND

Dude, so I sort of dropped off the planet last fall. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself to meet deadlines for my western romances (which you can check out here, if you want!) and I sort of forgot that I also released two YA sci-fi novels.

I wrote RIFT a very long time ago. I got an agent with it. She couldn't sell it. I submitted it to publishers, and it got a deal. Then the deal went bad. Then I tried Kindle Scout. It got rejected. I'd already written the sequel and conclusion, MEND, so I decided to self-publish them both.

And I did!

They are my April Featured Books of the Month. If you haven't read either of them yet, they are both 99 cents until APril 30, so you can give them a try for a very low investment!

RIFT: In this dangerous game with time, someone's bound to lose.

Seventeen-year-old Saige Phillips can’t help holding on to the hope that she’ll find Chloe, her twin who went missing five years ago. After all, Saige sees echoes of Chloe sitting in the window and skipping down the stairs. Though there’s never been any sound associated with Saige’s “hallucinations,” she’s freaked out by the breathing she hears in her bedroom.

The breathing is definitely real, and it’s definitely not coming from Saige. It’s echoing through a time rift that originates in Saige’s bedroom. Then a grayed-out guy shows up, saying his name is Price and he’s from the future. He has the same blue film clinging to him that Saige has seen on Chloe, and she seizes onto the idea that her twin went through the rift.

As Saige searches for answers in her time, she’s met with secret after secret, all coming back to one source: her physicist mother.

Price lives in the year 2073 with his Time Keeper father and a whole slew of global initiatives that regulate time travel. He knows time shouldn’t be played with. What he doesn’t know is why the rift opened now, or how he can stop it.

The deeper Price digs, the harder the truth is to swallow. His father willfully violating the global time travel initiative is one thing. Stealing the rift site from Saige’s mother is quite another. And kidnapping—or worse—to cover everything up takes things too far.

When the rift begins to show signs of overuse and instability, Price is desperate to close it before it explodes while Saige will do anything to keep it open long enough to find Chloe.

In this dangerous game with time, someone’s bound to lose.

Get a copy for only 99 cents! RIFT is also part of the Kindle Unlimited library.

MEND: With Cascade gone through the rift, Price is determined to fix everything and find her. It doesn't matter if there's somebody that could become him--steal his life--on the other side of the rift. What does matter is that he figure out how to mend it.

But he doesn't even have access to it anymore. When he wakes up to a new, different existence than what he's used to, he realizes that everything about time is fluid. And anyone with the power to walk through time can change his entire future.

Cascade knows this all too well, having lived in dozens of realities over the years. And the one she lives in now, she doesn't want. Because it still harbors secrets about her father, who her sister Saige is determined to find.

Find him they do, but no one--not Price, not Saige, not Cascade--is prepared for what they'll find on the other side of the rift...

Get a copy for only 99 cents! MEND is also part of the Kindle Unlimited library.

I hope you'll give these YA time travel books a try!

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