Monday, April 13, 2009

Charts for Female Character Names

Just as a sidenote, I can't type female without a mistake. I always, always, type femail. And then I have to go back and fix it. Just so you all know.

Anyway, I went searching for the article I was talking about when I said agents (and obviously not ALL agents, there's like a million of them) were pontificating about the usage of the letter A in novels. I couldn't find it, and my brain broek with all the searching. So, yeah. I know I read it, I just don't...know...where. (Then Heather taught me a cool way to search in my google reader. She's kewl like that.)

I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I found some good stuff. Kristin Nelson weighs in on The Power of Names. And Jessica Faust posted on Alliterative Characters, which is sort of what we've been talking about.

*Snarf* That's a big sort of.

I just like to have a discussion about where we get our names and it's interesting to me to see where they all fall in the alphabet. I'm also going to really try to choose future names from the less-used letters of the alphabet.

But I'm a stat geek like that.

Anyway, here's the chart for the names you all submitted last week.

So interesting. "A" totally wins, hands down. And I only contributed one of those. Makes you go hmmm....Where was that article ElanaJ read? If you find it, let me know.


M. Dunham said...

I come up with my names using Almost all of my characters have a symbolic name in the things I write.

michellemclean said...

LOL the first thing I thought of while reading your post (when I first looked at the chart) was "hmm, I'll have to try and use those letters that don't have any hits next time" And I actually wrote down the how's that for geeky?) :D

But for this time, my MC is Kesi...and she likes her name ;-)

Jean said...

Doh! I totally wrote a story with a gal named 'Allie'. Stupid 'A', coming at the beginning of the alphabet!

Very cool stats. It makes me want to name characters Una and Fiona and Igor.



beth said...

HAHA! My current main character is Amy! :)

beth said...


Maybe it's because authors get names from baby books and "A" comes first :)

Tara Maya said...

Interesting. My weaknesses are J and K. I cannot go a book without a character with a J or K name.

I do try to give most of my cast names with different letters, so in large stories, I delve deep into the alphabet.

Sandra said...

Should I be worried that my son's initials are AAA? ;)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA.....Love your name charts!!! and the fact that YOU can;t type femail...oops I mean female!

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