Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Teaser - One Liners

Every once in a while I can craft one great sentence. So, for Teaser Tuesday this week, I'm just going to give you some of my best one liners. I'm not really sure why I included this picture, but it came up when I searched for "one liner" in Google images. And it's sort of true....

These lines may totally suck or they might end up in the deletage folder, but for right now, they're in my WiP, Elemental Hunger. Well, almost all of them are. I sort of, *gulp*, started something new over the weekend. I have no idea what it is, but I'm liking it. It's just that first sentence. Notice how it's in first person / present tense. *snarf*

No, Blake is Goth in that dark, secret, quiet way that he watches me without looking like he’s watching me.

Dawn brought with it a city.

I ran next to him, my grip on his hand slippery with panic.

And the sky inked itself, ready for another night of icy slumber.

I stood in the shadows of a pine forest, watching the world burn.

The bed cradled me in the scent of honeysuckle and smoke.

I sucked at the air, desperate to fill my lungs again and again, as if I could store the oxygen for later use.

I tentatively reached up, my finger hesitating a breath away from his disfigured skin.

The touch of Adam’s fingers on my face brought a fresh wave of suffering.

Because of the rain, the wide waters did not glimmer the way I’d always imagined they would.

Okay, that's ten lines. I guess that's enough. Post your favorite one liners from your own writing. I think it would be cool to write a short story using one of the one liners.... Hmm...definitely cool.


Anonymous said...

One liners huh...OKay, here are a few of my favorites:

* My heart hammered against my chest as the cliff’s rim crept closer.

*I tried to scream myself awake, the sound dying in my mouth as I choked on the words.

*My world collapsed in that instant, imploding within me.

*I was trapped between somewhere and nowhere, in a hell of my own making.

*Thoughts swirled around me in an oxygen-deprived haze.

*Terrified to stop, yet too weak to continue.

*I wanted him. Needed him. Barely knew him.

*I drank in the sweetness of his caress, allowing it to consume me.

There you go....:)

Eric said...

Hmmm, I'm not prolific enough to have a ton of one liners. I'll have to think on that and get back to ya. My fav of yours is:

And the sky inked itself, ready for another night of icy slumber.

~Jamie said...

I'll play...

Yaay, third wheel time,

I drew a freaky pic that predicts the future so my mom is driving up here in a car that reaches unimaginable speeds to look at it.

Meet us in the lair.

A Superhero? Crap, that’s just what this town needs. Another do-gooder fighting crime and saving the day.

Sure, Mom learning is paramount when you’re about to steal a big pile of priceless books, right?

“How do I get on the roof?” Please don’t say grappling hook.

Knowing the future didn’t always live up to all the hype.

Eric said...

Still don't have any good one liners. But I did elect you as one of the esteemed "lemons". http://workingmymuse.blogspot.com/2009/04/im-lemon.html

StrugglingToMakeIt said...

Ooh, I like these. Real word gems. I hope you decide to keep them all.

Travis Erwin said...

Honeysuckle and Smoke.

That would also make a great title.

Kat Harris said...

These are the only ones I remember:

"The first swig of Courvoisier burned my throat, a brief pain I gratefully endured in exchange for a numbed heart."

"In the haze of vertigo, a saying Josh, Chris and I used as kids popped into my head, distorted into the voice of cruel fate and taunted me: Ready or not, here I come!"

"I quelled the random tremors by picking at the acrylic nails on my fingers."

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Hmm... I don't really have a ton of one-liners. Mine are usually like two or three liners.

Here's a few oners that I found though.

"Even as the “s” of ass is still sliding from between my teeth, the nozzle end of the gun is pressed firmly against my forehead."

"I open my eyes just in time to see Pie Face collapse and then disappear as if he was the wicked witch and Dorothy had just come by with a bucket of water."

"Despite the fact that the braces I received at age twelve were forcibly removed only two months into wearing them for non-payment– I still totally kick his ass in the fake smile contest."

"IHOP is a good place to stop when you’re running for your life."

"Count on me to screw up my first attempt at a completely unselfish act… maybe I should have started with throwing a few pennies in the Salvation Army bucket at Christmas, just for practice, instead of skipping straight to martyrdom."

Yeah, mine are kind of on the longer side. I like long sentences... it's a problem and I'm working on it.

Janyece said...

I love your picture! The one-liners are great too! I'll have to revisit this later though. I'm running out of nap time! ;)

Mary Lindsey said...

My favorite of your one-liners is this one:

"I sucked at the air, desperate to fill my lungs again and again, as if I could store the oxygen for later use."

ElanaJ said...

Christine, nice lines! I like "I was trapped between somewhere and nowhere, in a hell of my own making."

Jamie - meet us in the lair? LOL.

Kate - IHOP has me rolling. That is a fantastic line!

Thanks for playing everyone. :)

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