Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Okay, so it's no secret that I'm a serial blog reader. And I've seen some Teaser Tuesdays out there. So I decided, what the heck? What's one more bandwagon? I'm already on like, fifty, why not one more?

So here goes. Teaser Tuesday is where you post a little snippet of your writing as a teaser...on Tuesday. Yeah, I love the alliteration thing. Also, I'm not saying I'm gonna do this every week, cuz frankly I'd run out of really teasy stuff to post, but I might give it a go for a little while.

Here goes. This is from Control Issues.

I exited to muddy ground. My sneakers absorbed a lot of water and gunk, making my feet heavy and running difficult. I slogged through the swampy area to the street, which was deserted. The sky lay silent and silver, peaceful in the early morning.

After a few turns down narrow alleys, I stopped and pulled my shoes off. Running barefoot would be faster than trying to run with muddy bricks on my feet.

The farther away from the Institute we got, the softer the alarm became. Then it stopped completely. I dodged behind Jag in the shadows of buildings, expecting the hum of a hovercopter, an electronic voice or a beam of red light to freeze me in place.

Nothing happened.

Jag wove north toward the Centrals. By the time we reached the border of the Southern Rim, my breath came in gasps and my back hurt. I mean, I’m a water girl, not an athlete.

The air pressed silently around me. Surely they wouldn’t just let us run away. Would they? I ran my finger along my wrist bone, and the tiny knot jutted out like a boulder.

A guard station and a fifteen-foot fence separated us from the field in the Centrals, and only Jag had an ID card. We approached cautiously, Jag holding me back with his arm. Slightly annoyed that he felt like he needed to protect me when I was the one who busted us out, I pushed up close to him.

“Do you have a death wish?” he whispered.

“Do you? Stop pushing me or I’ll kill you.”

“Vi.” He turned toward me. “You’re impossible.” His eyes danced with that sexy amusement again.

My irritation flared. “Thanks.” I stepped in front of him and peeked around the corner of the building next to the guard station. I prayed it was empty and we’d be able to walk through undetected. He joined me, chuckling.

“Stop laughing at me,” I said. “It’s annoying.”

That only made him laugh harder, and though he was quiet, his whole body shook next to mine. Our shoulders touched and after a minute, he put his arm around my waist.

If we weren’t on the run for our lives, if I wasn’t Tagged and worried about how we were going to trek all the way across the Goodgrounds to the Badlands, I might have been terrified at the thought of kissing him. His body heat penetrated the thin prison clothes, and I placed one hand on his chest.

So there you have it. Teaser Tuesday. Maybe you should post one of your own...then leave me a comment here so I can read it. You'd really be helping me out today. It's my Spring Break and I have oodles of time to read major bloggage.


Anonymous said...

Nice teaser...very nice! Okay...I think I'm game...
When it's posted I'll give you the link! Happy Teaser Tuesday

Ali Cross said...

I LOVE IT! And I'm totally with you on the bandwagons. I just want to be on every wagon that you're on. So count me in!

Except for today :) So I can't help ya with that (the reading thing.) I already posted on my blog today and as per our conversation I won't post more than once a day on my blog :D

Eric said...

This is good, very compelling. Okay, you got me hooked. I'll have a teaser posted on my blog in just a sec.

Eric said...

Oh oops, should have put a link. You can check mine out at http://workingmymuse.blogspot.com

Kat Harris said...

Nicely done.

Teaser Tuesday, eh?

Sounds like fun. I might have to do this next week.

Lisa said...

Now that was just rude. I don't like being teased! I totally need to read this entire book.

Windsong said...


More. More! MORE!

M. Dunham said...

Ow ow - sexy bonito!

Anonymous said...

So - took me all day to get back here...but here is the link to my Teaser Tuesday post -


Janyece said...

Wow! You are so good at this teaser business! Seriously, how do you decided what sections of your book to post or is it just all that good? (Stupid question I know. I read what was on amazon and it's all that good.) I have to wonder though, because I have no clue what snippets of my novel to pull from for things like this. Maybe I'm just thinking too hard (normal occurrence) but is there a method to the madness?

Oh and I'm with Lisa. Being teased is rude! Where can I buy the book? ;)

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