Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drying Off From the Pool of Writing Funk

Man, this chain was awesome. I love reading about all the things my sunblock-slathered friends do to get out and stay out of the Pool of Writing Funk. I think I may have inadvertantly cursed some of them...ahem. Hopefully, they'll forgive me.

I started the chain with my totally awesome clips from The Office.

Leah ponders her way out of the pool with music and calls to her mom. I totally let that slide because she is just so durn snarftastic--and she did give an insightful response.

Heather got the chain all sticky with her Ghostbusters 2 clip. But it was perfectly perfect. That river of negativity sometimes flows under my house, and only my house. And her marathon quote made it on the wall next to my blue chair so I can read it daily.

Jess tried to smite the pool with her mighty pen. And she conquered by resolving never to give up. She had THE COOLEST video on her post. Give it at least a minute to get started, and you won't be sorry.

Mary flat out refused to get near the pool. The nerve. (ha ha!) Her half-glass-full attitude--and her kids--keep her from getting even a toe wet.

The lovely Kate refrained from swimming in the pool due to illness. Hopefully she feels defunkified by now. We all appreciate the stoppage of the spreadage of germs during this infectious time.

Archetype denies the existance of such a pool. Then she reminds us that taking a break is okay, and that writing should be enjoyable. Then she acquiesced to my *demand* of something funny with the infamous LOL cats (which totally makes me happy).

Michelle hosed herself off by reading and doing dishes. The lol cat at the top was made of awesome. And I love being referred to as "my fabulous Elana." I think everyone should start calling me that. kenyit

Sandra got up her gumption and brilliantly mixed in a little motorcycle metaphor. She's not in the lake people, she's in the ocean. It's deep--and awesome.

Abi went straight for the writing elixir, which sounds dangerous and exciting at the same time. Especially when I found out she overlooks the ocean. So. Not. Fair.

And that's the hot-towel wrap up. I hope you enjoyed the chain as much as I did. And in other blog chainerific news, we'll be including two new bloggers in the next round of chain madness! Kat and Christine don't know what they've signed on for--mwa, ha, ha!


Michelle McLean said...

Awesome topic my fabulous Elana ;) Ooo, and my verification is "dymnie," which just makes me think of dynamite, which this topic certainly was :D

Anonymous said...

Evil laugh, I am so scared!!! (JK)

Carolyn Kaufman | @CMKaufman said...

Best. Wrapup. Ever!

(My word is sphydr)

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

I hope we helped you climb out of the pool, Elana! No sense staying in there until your fingers get all wrinkled.

My verification word was "introp," which for some reason reminds me of improv.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Great wrap up! And my verification word? Gangszy. It sounds like something Snoop Dog would say.

H. L. Dyer said...

Great topic, great wrap-up.

Totally "vinsful"

Mary Lindsey / Marissa Clarke said...

Ooooo. Good wrap up. Hard to do. (I totally copped out on mine!) Great topic!

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