Wednesday, August 26, 2009

B.L.O.G - What Does It Stand For?

So my boy kidlet and I were chatting the other night. We were talking about my blog (which he and my DH don't understand, like at all). He said, "What does blog stand for anyway?"

I'm thinking, Hmm...

So he goes, "Biological... (cuz, that's really logical. But I guess that's where an 11-year-old mind goes.)...League... (who doesn't need a league? I've always wanted to be in a league. Like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Except I'm not a man. But you get the idea.)...Of... ... ... ... Goons."

Commence hyena laughing.

That is all.

(BTW, he was totally offended when I typed this post and called him a kidlet. He prefers "tween" just FYI.)

(BTW x 2: He said, "NO. Mature tween." Pshaw. And humph. You should see his room. Mature? I think not.)

(BTW x 3: He was next to me during the writing of this post. He is a fan-freaking-tastic kid. He is not offended I said his room was a mess. He knows it is.)

(BTW x 4: What do you think blog stands for?)


Abby said...

Awesome!! We should have membership cards made. Or name tags. :D

Abby said...

Or T-shirts. Definitely T-shirts.

ajgallion said...

BLOG...Blue Librarian Ousts Geek
Okay, clearly that has nothing to do with your Blog, but I was really having a tough time. Forgive me! And I love the "kidlets" outrage to your clever word!

Marybeth Poppins said...



Eric said...

Hmmm...Bumbling Laments On Golf?


Batman Looking Over Gotham?


Bad Limericks Of Gollum?

Oh yeah, I like that one.

Oh, and I like the use of kidlet, even if he doesn't. It could be worse :)

Jenna said...

Big Long Ongoing Game

That's all I've got. Or, rather, that's the only one I have that makes any sense. Lol. :)

Scott said...

Web = Log = Blog. My brilliance amazes me at times.

Okay, I had to Google the word one time when somebody asked me what blog stood for. I had no clue. Seriously.


Strange Fiction said...

My vote is for the kidlet--Biological League of Goons made me laugh.. :)

WindyA said...

I sorta like Eric's "Batman Looking Over Gotham" .... so does that make us all Batman? Because his cape and utility belt are wicked awesome and I'd love a set of those.

In which case, we should, as Abby suggested, get to making those t-shirts or name tags- or superhero secret identities ....

Suzanne said...

We all knew it was the shortened version of weblog right? ;)

But as I am guessing this is meant to be a creative task,

Ha! Made myself laugh.

B.J. Anderson said...

LOL! I like the mature tween's idea of what it means. :D

Lisa and Laura said...

Opus of

Liza said...

Ok, Scott has it, but I'm enjoying all the other ideas. In my case, on a quick first pass, it is the:


Nisa said...

rofl!! Oh what a fun kidlet! Err... tween! Blog, hmm... Biographic Leaves of Goodness.

Rebecca Knight said...

Biographical Longwinded Overshare Gazette?

At least that's what mine is ;).

PS--my favorite so far is Batman Looking Over Gotham! So cool...

Jenn Johansson said...

hmm... Bold Literary Outstanding Genius! :)

Michelle McLean said...

LOL yeah, I did what Scott did and googled it :D How did I live life before Google?

my word verification is word - very sci/fi sounding in a spores/disease kind of way...might have to use it sometime :D

ElanaJ said...


I totally need a cape. Everyone needs a cape. Be are BatPeople! Who can make me a cape? Or at least a batman badge of awesomeness? Kate? Abby? Natalie? Someone with serious art skillz? We all need one to display proudly on our BLOGs (Batman Looking Over Gotham)!


Abby said...

More procrastination fuel. Just what I need. Thanks, Elana. I'll let it fester for a bit and see if I can come up with something.

Although, I think Becca's 'Biographical Longwinded Overshare Gazette' more aptly captures the true essence of blogging. Just saying. :)

kathrynjankowski said...

Open to

Okay, I cheated a little on "O". ;)

Shelli said...

tee hee - i am a goon. our club - the bloggging goonies?

Jessica said...

Awww, sounds like a cutie. :-) I thought blog has a real meaning, but at the moment I can't remember! LOL

Sara J. Henry said...

It's short for weblog - but you knew that, right?

Katie Ganshert said...

Oooo! I know where the word ACTUALLY came from. Web Log. Then it got meshed together to form blog. "They" (whoever "they" is) nixed the w-e from web). That's not very exciting though.

So my version of blog.

B - big

L - loopy

O - online

G - group

that was super weak, but that's all I got tonight. :)

Aaron Polson said...

I don't know what BLOG stands for, but they live in the swamp right? Next to Grendel's lair?

Ryan said...

WE Be-long (yuck yuck yuck) over grendel. I got nothing. Love the kidlet though. I need to do something besides procrastinate though.

Word verification: bring-the sound I make when I want a sandwich.

Tami said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG.. seriously

Hmmm.. Blog hmmm.

B= Bio hazard
L= Life
O= Observing
G= Google losers like me?


*shrugs it was worth a try.

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