Monday, August 8, 2016

Fall "Under Your Spell" with a haunted romance anthology

Dude, so I've enjoyed writing shorter works and combining with other authors to make novella anthologies. I've done two in the past year, and I have another haunting, Halloween anthology coming out on September 1.

The UNDER YOUR SPELL romance anthology features 10 wickedly romantic romance novellas, including my historical paranormal romance titled THE KILLING TOUCH.

I don't normally subscribe to research, but at my back-to-school professional development last year, I read an article in Scholastic for Kids about the Peshtigo Fire. It happened on the same night as the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, but was actually much more damaging. And I instantly wanted to write a story in that era, at that place.

THE KILLING TOUCH is that story. I hope you'll pre-order the anthology, because it's only 99-cents and there are a lot of amazing stories in the collection.

Order it here!

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Penelope Sanchez said...

There's something for everyone in this collection from a wide range of authors. Some have been writing for a long time and have many other books out. Some are debut authors. There are different levels of spooky, lots of variety here for the person who likes to try lots of things!


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