Friday, February 20, 2009

Contest Closed - And How You Know When You're A Loozr

Yeah, the contest is closed. It wasn't a huge success. And I realized I am the biggest loozr on the planet. And not because I've lost some weight and am killing the contest at work. Slaying, people. Anyway, it's because I'm the only one who cheats with Google.

I Google everything. Everything. I was watching Heroes this week (yes, I love it, no matter how many stupid things they do. I still love it. I mean, the superpowers? Awesome. Even breathing under water. How cool would that be??) and I liked the kid who could breathe underwater. He was cute. He reminded me of one of my MC's. So naturally, I wanted a picture. So next time I need to get inside said MC's head, I can see him first.

So what do I do?


"Alex from Heroes"

Yeah, that was productive. I didn't know the character's last name and I didn't know the actor's name (that's what I was looking for).

Since I DVR Heroes, I knew the name of the episode. Not only am I an expert Googler, but I have serious skillz at investigative research.

So I tried again.

"Alex from Heroes Building 26" I know who he is. If you wanna know...try Googling it. senyumkenyit

I so would've Googled to find the answers to the contest. So...cheater? Or loozr? I guess I'm good either way.


Megan said...

That's why I didn't enter. I read them and would have had to cheat on every one. Obviously my Loozr-ness is apparent by my lack of keeping up with cool music. My word verification is LUGHT. That sounds like a good exasperation word...LUGHT, this is so heavy!

Archetype said...

Man, I don't see that as cheating. I see that as using your skillz to accomplish your goals. You'd be surprised how many people don't know how to use Google well. I Google stuff all the time, and it makes me look smarter...but in some ways, aren't I (and aren't you), since we know to do the research? ;-) Used to be we talked about people who were smart b/c they used the library. We're just modern smart!

Sherry Ficklin said...

I'm not that good a googler I guess, I couldn't find all the lyrics (not for lack of effort)
I guess my googling skills need to be refined...

PS, My word is Lerni. As in I guess i no lerni very quick...

ElanaJ said...

Sherry! That is soooo funny! You should win just for making me spew my Oreo milk just now! I had to learn how to Google for lyrics. You have to put the word "lyrics" in the search line. I know this because I can't stand listening to a song unless I can learn and sing every word. Really, really loud. ;)

Yeah, I like feeling smart. Thanks Archetype!

Sarah Jensen said...

LOL. I so googled the answers and then thought, um, cheater, you can't enter.
So I didn't. :)

lizB said...

Think that's bad? I google my kid's Algebra II questions and get the answers when she needs help (in the bathroom, where she can't see me, of course), so I don't have to say, "Um...uh...I have no idea what those letters mean. My brain is about 27 years too old for this stuff!"

Mom looks like Albert Einstein Junior with her laptop hidden in the bathroom closet on Algebra II homework day. : P


celticqueen said...

Ahhhh, see, I know how to Google for lyrics (I'm pretty good at googling) :D but I felt all guilty thinking I was cheating and there was only one song I thought I might kind of know maybe one line too and I didn't want to look too dumb :D so I didn't play.

Next time I'll totally google and join in the fun! :D

Jenn said...

It is now 10:55 p.m. and I'm about to google for the answers, just so you know I know how to do it. I'll tell you how fast I get them. :)

2 - But I know it's a lie what you keep inside

3 - boy bands, and another one, and another one, and another one

4 - If you change your mind, well, that's the way it goes

5 - but it wasn't like you only talked to him and you know it!

It is now 11:02. Ha! 7 minutes. Beat that all you internet geeks out there. I'm the biggest looozer of them all. :D Okay, so I have a fierce competitive side. :D I'm sorry you all had to witness that.

As for not googling the answer to win the contest, I just couldn't have lived with myself if I'd googled the answers. What's the point of a false victory? LOL!

And, actually, I didn't type the word "lyrics" into any of the searches. The last two were pretty difficult, because they both got interpreted by google as me looking for self-help advice. LOL! But I wanted to see if I could do it without typing "lyrics" in.

The last one, I had to put in quotation marks before I got it. So that's another way to go if you're looking for song lyrics. I just copy and pasted all the clues you gave and put them into the google search bar. For some wacky reason, in order to get the fourth one, it suggested I change it to: "You can change your life (if you WANT) You can change your clothes (if you wanna)" But when the lyric page came up, it said "wanna" on both of them. Go figgur.

Jenn said...

Well, sheesh, in all my gloating I just realized I forgot to congratulate you on slaying the biggest lozer contest. You ROCK!

Kat Harris said...

Well, if I'd have known I could Google the answers, I would have played. :-)

Rest assured, Elana, you are not a loozr.

I image-Googled the that word, and nothing resembling your picture popped up.


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Oh, I was totally going to cheat and google for the answers! But since I won your Birthday contest (Can I say again how much I loved those books? I can? Okay, I LOVED them.) I thought that would be in pretty poor form.

ElanaJ said...

Liz - I google everything! I wrote a book that has a lot of math in it. What saved me? Google. Srsly.

Michelle, my mind automatically cheats. I'm made of cheat. Sigh.

Jenn, you got it! Isn't that a pretty poem? Yes, yes it is.

Kat - lol! You are queen for the day for making me laugh. Can I just say that I adore Google images too? I was just having a discussion about this with my blog buddies yesterday...interesting stuff over there...

Kate - I'm glad you liked the books! I was playing my loozr card when it took me so long to mail them to you... :)

ali said...

I'm sorry I didn't enter your contest and that the turn out was, well, um, lame, or whatever. Yeah, I would've googled it too ;)

I was just too lazy to even go googlin'

Now THAT'S lame.

So, we're both looZR's?

Lady Glamis said...

I love googling things! I think one of the best things about writing is research. Although half the time I end up reading stuff that has nothing to do with the original thing I started researching. :)

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