Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Mindless Musings

Yeah, like I could pass up the triple alliteration there. Problem is...I don't have anything to blog about today. I really, really wanted to have something, but I just don't. So does that mean my musings today are not mindless, but mindful? Perhaps.

Here's what I've been thinking about:

8:00 AM - 10:30 AM: How much I hate cleaning. But three loads of laundry washed and dried, three bathrooms scrubbed, a 800-square foot kitchen floor mopped, and High School Musical 3 watched later, and I'm done. For a little while.

11:06 AM: Trip to the bank. Thinkage in the car on my current WiP. Still don't know who the "real" bad guy is. Wait! This is Work In Progress Wednesday stuff. The jury will please disregard.

11:24 AM: Post office. Yes, I braved both the bank and the post office in one trip. But that's not the amazing thing. What is amazing? No line at the PO. No, I still don't know who the "real" bad guy is.

11:43 AM: Trip to Sonic. Love those slushies. stewage on WiP. Onion rings...yum...

1:01 PM: Put daughter down for a nap. Break out the notebook. Write. Who needs to know who the "real" bad guy is? Not I, said the lazy cat. So the little red hen wrote, and wrote, and wrote...

1:23 PM: Put daughter down for a nap. Again. More little red henning.

2:56 PM: Son comes home from school. Put the lid on the pen. Hand = hurtage. Don't ask about the "real" bad guy.

4:00 PM: Started making dinner. Hey, miracles happen. But not in the "real" bad guy department.

5:17 PM: Husband comes home. This is early. Yay!

5:59 PM: Play Pizza Palace on Webkinz. Need a diversion from thinking about who the "real" bad guy is.

6:30 PM: Check blogger for blogs I need to read. More diversions. All "real" bad guys can kiss my...

6:51 PM: Typing this list. Oh, I did check facebook in between. Yeah, that's ripe for diversions. As is blogging. The "real" bad guy isn't going away. I just wish I knew who he was.


Kat Harris said...

You've just Twitter-loaded your blog.


As far as who the bad guy is, everyone knows it's Old Man Jenkins. And he would've gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids... and their dog.

Scooby-doobie doooooo

Sorry. My ADD is kickin' in again.

Lisa and Laura said...

The bad guy is obviously the deranged brother with a drug habit...oh wait...

Anonymous said...

What bad guy, lol.

Can you toss an onion ring my way? Now you have me craving them! : )


celticqueen said...

the bad guy is always the guy you think is the good guy ;-) Unless the writer didn't fool you enough (or you are like me and read the last page first because you can't stand the suspense)...then it is the guy you thought it was all along - does that help? :D

And thanks to Kat, I now have Scooby Doo running through my poor little brain :D

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