Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Thankful Day 6

Okay, today's Thankful post is a little blogarific. Or maybe it'll blind you with it's awesomeness (Quick! Name that movie!), I'm not really sure.


I'm thankful for words.

I like making up new and deliciouso words. The other day I was at my critique group and we were discussing proper comma usage. *snort* Like I use commas properly. I said something like, "I don't know, young adults don't commatize very well." They all laughed at "commatize." I thought it was a totally normal word. And it is--for me.

Other words I like: anything with "-age" at the end. This works for almost anything. "I need some major stewage time." Or "Man, I have writer's blockage." You get the idea. Or do youage?

Snarfalicious. Though I would never pretend to have made this word up. It's all Carrie. But I love it. In fact, you could put "-alicious" on anything and make a word I would love. I think I used "barfalicious" a few days ago. Yup, I did. Here.

You can never go wrong with "dude." Like, "Dude, throw me some of that action." My husband just said that as I sat down with a glass of peach punch. Translation? "I would like some peach punch too, my dearest skinny wife." Yeah, that's what I heard in my head. He got his peach punch.

I use "uber" a lot too. "That was uber-awesome." I tell my students how uberly cool they are all the time. The sixth graders get most of my jokes. Sometimes. The younger kids look at me like I'm speaking Japanese. Hey...maybe I am.

Wonky. I love saying it. I've yet to write it in a story, but I feel very world-travelerish when I say it. Like I've been to England or something, which I haven't. And it goes really well with weird. Like, "If your computer is doing something weird and wonky, just raise your hand and I'll come help you." I say this eight times a day. That's not a joke.

Which brings me to "ish." I say this at our house for anything. "I want some of that ish," I said when my husband got out the sundried turkey. Yum. Or you can add it to the end of any word just for fun. "It was sort of coldish today."

Other words that make me laugh just by seeing, reading, or saying them: shrub, snout, shrew. Hmm...those are all s-words. Here's some more: moose, caboose, and obtuse. Okay, I just made up those last ones cuz they rhyme. But I really do like moose. That is a funny word.

So I love words. I love making up new words. I love working with ones I know. I like reading words other people have woven together into the fine tapestry of stories. Okay, that was a little deep. But I think I should get some bonus points for using the word "tapestry" in my blog post. I mean, come on, dude. That's an uber-deliciouso, snarftastic, hyperized, freakish, wordalicious word.


H. L. Dyer said...

Dude, this post was uber snarfilicious and perfectly commatized.

I mean, seriously... I know you think you're just wonky and weird, but you are really the moose's caboose (which is an ish like cat's pajamage)


Elana Johnson said...

LOL! You are uber-awesome, my dearage bloggerish buddy!

Cole Gibsen said...

Commatize! Ha! I love it! I am so stealing that word!

jess said...

moose's caboose. like the bee's knees?

ok, so did you get uber from me? cuz i say that all the time.

i say wonky, too.

what about cloogy? it's kinda like wonky, only with a c. and some o's. oh and g, too.

p.s. thx for listening to me cry today. paul thanks you, too.

Anonymous said...

This post is hilarilicious! No, seriously it is. I would never kidage with you about thatish.


ps.- uber-LOL!

Elana Johnson said...

Cole - steal away. Heaven knows I've stolen from everyone I've ever met.

Jess - I don't think I stole uber from you...I say it mostly with the kids at school. They like it. And "cloogy"? Use it in a sentence, and I'll see if I can add it to the repertoire. Hey, THAT'S a cool word...

Abi - hilarilicious! Dude, you gettage majorish points for that. Snarf!

stella said...

I also frequently utilise "Uber." That was just fantastic. I constantly tell my pupils how incredibly cool they are. Most of my jokes are understood by sixth graders. Sometimes. I get looks from the younger professional print design services USA
kids who think I'm speaking Japanese. Hey, perhaps I am

cindrella said...

I've never gone to England, despite what you might think. And it complements strange really beautifully. Like, "Just raise your hand and I'll come help you if your computer is acting pay someone to do my teas exam strangely and wonkily." Eight times a day, I repeat this. It's not a joke, that.

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