Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Future Self Said...

Okay, so I watch The Office. That show is freaking hilarious. I was watching some episodes OnDemand, and there was one where Jim stole some of Dwight's personal letterhead. Then, from the Stamford office, Jim sent Dwight a fax from his future self.

How cool would that be?

Like, for example, my June 1st self could have told my May 31st self that everything was going to be just fine. Maybe to stay away from the intersection on Geneva Road and 7th South around 6 PM, but other than that, everything would be fine.

Or my May 29, 2009 self could have told my August 17, 2008 self that this school year would fly by and be awesome. Except for maybe that one time...but now isn't the time to talk about school! Freak! What am I doing? Maybe my August 17, 2009 self has somehow impacted my June 4th self with thoughts of what she'll be doing in a couple of months. Sheesh.

I wonder what I would come back and tell myself today from my future self tomorrow. Can you wrap your brain around that? *gray matter twisting into knot* I think that would make an awesome novel. I'm not much into time travel, but wouldn't that be super cool? Of course, I have no idea what it would be about, but don't you wish you knew some things before you actually experience them? Like, do we always have to learn things the hard way? That kind of thing.

So question for today: What do you hope your future self could come back and tell you, say, in five years? Or even one? Basically what's your advice to yourself? From one self to another and all that.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to think my future self would tell my present self to stop freaking over this writing thing - that it will happen and to just relax a bit! Most of the self-actualization gurus use this technique as a way to set goals and get a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Nice job, Elana (as usual!)

Isabel Princes said...

My future self would tell me not to ever eat brunch with my friend in hole-in-the-diners where bums hump coats.... and that maybe I should spend more time cleaning my house.

Eric said...

Great post Elana. My future self would be like Christine's and tell me to chill out, just write, and hint at the glory to come :) Oh, and stay away from that one Mexican food place on 1st Ave.

Scott said...

For me . . . no. Life happens as it happens, and I can look back now and see why this, that, and the other things happened, as well as how they shaped me to who I am today - a tad bit snarky, like margaritas, and pretty conent with life.

Now, if future self came back and told me 'don't date that person, it will be the biggest mistake of your life' and I didn't date that person, then a whole series of events would change, and I might end up with someone who didn't like to do the laundry and vacuum. Now that, would be a terrible thing. ; )

But, if I play the game . . . then future self will come back and say "all your hard (angst, frustration, pulling out of hair) work will be worthwhile and you'll be more famous than any writer that ever lived . . . except for Elana, Tess, Lady Glamis, LitGirl . . . so, keep writing, blogging, and drinking those margaritas!"

Yeah, pretty sappy, but the best I can do on a dreary Thursday.

Speaking of future selves . . . ever read The Time Traveler's Wife? Very good book.


Marybeth Poppins said...

My future self would tell me that kids grow up fast, just like I did, and to spend more times with the one I have.

My future self would tell me to choose the green monkey fur coat instead of the pink one because pink monkeys smell slightly worse than the green ones.

My future self would tell me that getting rich and famous could be a pain in the ass so don't worry about making it happen TOO soon.

And By the way, I REALLY like the episode where Jim takes all of Dwight's office supplies and puts them in the vending machine!

ElanaJ said...

Good points, Scott. We usually /become/ the people we are because of what we go through. I could do without the angst and traffic, but other than that? I think I like my journey.

Mary Beth - how is it that I haven't seen that one? *rushing to OnDemand* I also like the one where his stapler is in jello. So funny!

Eric, Mexican food avoided. Natch.

Christine, relax? Do you know who you're talking to? LOL. You do, I know. Good advice, I really am going to try to do that.

Isabel, dude, housecleaning is overrated. I do get some good ideas whilst cleaning, though...

Off to do dishes!
Thanks guys!

Katie said...

Great post Elana! I am almost too scared to be future Katie for fear I'll actually jinx Future Katie. haha!

Icy Roses said...

Ahhhh, the future influencing the past thing confuses me. When I read "The Time Traveler's Wife" I kept pausing and trying to wrap the concepts around my brain. Is everything fate? If we can time travel, can we alter the future, or do our attempts to change things only lock the future in?

I think I'd rather not hear any advice from my future self. Think about how anti-climactic that would be. I'd rather live and learn every day and be surprised, for better or worse.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping my future self would tell me helpful things. Like you did right to concentrate on short stories and submitting them out to build a nice credential list. That would make me happy. Plus it'd be nice to see more artwork picked up. Maybe even telling me getting married young and moving was the best thing I could have done.

I just hope it doesn't say: Sara you wasted all your damn time reading and writing blogs! Now your like Jabba the Hut with a computer attatched to him! HAHA! That'd make me sad!

Robyn said...

Nice post Elana!! My future self is sure to say these words,"Your latest book is in the five trillionth printing and you have fifty novels to your credit. All of your books are looked upon as works of art(huh, Glam?) and everyone reads them!" Oh yeah! Okay, I'm coming back from that nice world I was in. Back to this world--REALITY! :)

Anonymous said...


This is a note from your future self.

Avoid Lehi Main Street at 5 o'clock.

'Nuff Said.

~Future Elana

Suzanne said...

My future self is pointing at me and laughing. She can't even talk because she is choking on her laughter.


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