Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WIP Wednesday...

...I loathe you. You're always lurking in the back of my mind "Whadd're you gonna post? Whadd're you gonna post?" You're like a dog, shadowing me everywhere I go, pink tongue flapping, mind focused on one thing. Whadd're you gonna post? Whadd're gonna post?

If I don't write, you're there, nagging.

If I do, you're there, nagging me to keep track of how much.

If I edit, you're there, nagging me to take notes of how well I've done.

No matter what, YOU'RE THERE. Nagging. It's like I'm married and can't get away for even one second to go to the bathroom by myself!

You know what, WIP Wednesday? I liked you better when you were Whatever Wednesday. I even did a WIPpet last week just to get you to back off. Have you?


Still there.


Whadd're you gonna post? Whadd're gonna post?

Well, guess what, WIP Wednesday?

You're not winning this round.

*ding ding*

Round One: ElanaJ

I'm not telling you what I did / didn't / should / shouldn't / could / couldn't do this week.

Take that, WIP Wednesday.


Annie Louden said...

LOL. That's why I'm always just "I worked a bit on this" or "I brainstormed on that."
I've really had to stop keeping track (except during NaNoWriMo) because otherwise it brings me down. I mean, if things are moving, I might keep track. But if nothing is happening, I certainly don't want to record that!

Marybeth Poppins said...

You sure showed WIP Wednesday who is the boss!!! (Tony Danza of course!)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I love this post!!! Go ahead, girl, keep you fantastic work a secret from the world :D

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

LOL - I totally feel you on this one. The last few weeks I feel like my WIP has been very boring to report on, because it has just been working on revisions and working on revisions, and working on revisions. Also, I think I am just sick of working on revisions;P

WindyA said...

Way to tell it! ElanaJ answers no person, er, day of the week!

Scott said...

LOL! You need to write a book using the voice you used on this post. Absolutely hysterical!


Eric said...

Hilarious. You have put into words exactly why I have avoided a WiP Wednesday. Bravo for this one, no matter how much you did(n't) get done.

the one who lives her words said...

Haha, I hate these kinda days. When you don't write anything, it's hard not to feel guilty. It's like you should be told to sit in the corner and think about why you didn't write.

ElanaJ said...

Whew, I'm glad you guys "get" me. :)

Casey said...


I'm ALWAYS thinking about my Wednesday progress post. I can relate!

Catherine J Gardner said...

I'm definitely having a 'Whatever Wednesday'. :)

Jaime Theler said...

You sure showed Wednesday. It's too bad it will roll around in 7 more days. :) I joined it because theoretically it's motivating. Theoretically. I kinda felt the same as you (maybe it's a bad Wednesday) but your post has more flair.

TereLiz said...

Who says you have to post every Wednesday? Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to.

But you should revel in the knowledge that you spurred other bloggers like myself to take the plunge.

And there's always next Wednesday. ;)

Hardygirl said...

Ha! You made my day!!


jessjordan said...

That's right, whip that WIP Wed into shape!

Abby said...

You go, Elana! Whatever Wednesday is definitely better. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today. :)

Danyelle said...

That's telling 'em, Elana!


You are 100% awesome!

Lisa and Laura said...

What. Ev. I'm totally counting all the reading that I'm doing as research. Let's leave it at that.

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