Friday, March 28, 2008

Three Things To Do

Status of my life: Put SHADOWS up for critique, I hope they don't tear it apart. Wait, I do hope they tear it apart, that's how it gets better!

I've been going over my notes from the conference last week, and I found these three gems. I can't even remember who said them, one of the presenters or something.

The Best Three Things To Do as a Writer:
1. Don't hurry.
2. Don't worry.
3. Don't stop.

I'm pretty impatient, so the "don't hurry" rule really struck me. The publishing world is super-uber-slow.

I've been known to stay up nights worrying, so #2 is familiar. I'm working on it. I also got some good advice about things I can't control in the publishing world, I'll post those later.

I don't think I could stop, even if I wanted to. A friend of mine asked me why I had to write stories. I told her that there were things in my head that I had to get out. She looked at me like I was crazy, which I probably am! :) But, sadly, it's true. Some things just have to be written down.

Reading: SO YESTERDAY by Scott Westerfeld


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Marcia Mickelson said...

Hi. Elana. That was some great advice. I was reading Jenny Rappaport's blog and saw you'd made a comment over there. When I saw Elana, I thought how many Elana's can there be that spell their name with an a, and sure enough, I was right. It was you.

It was fun to meet you at the conference. Sounds like your writing is coming along. That's great you won 3rd place in the contest.

Keep going!

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