Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting Other Readers

Status of my Life: I started a short story today for the Writer's of the Future contest. This is going to be hard for me. Once I get going, I tend to go and go and go...And shorts have to stop, well, shortly. :)

Well, I still have some crit buddies. I went to a conference in March and several accomplished authors said that it's important to have objective individuals (other than family and friends) read your book before you submit it. I started freaking out.

I don't know anyone (besides family and friends).

So I'm done right? Gotta have Beta Readers. (I capitalize them because they are SO important, it really is a title.)

Nope. I joined AQ Connect and had a good group going there. There's been some problems and I lost all the men reading my book, which has two male MC's. That sucked. I still have a few ladies and they're great, but I really need some testosterone.

I've been on QT for a few months and have gotten some good friends and readers there too. Now I'm wondering how many is enough? Everyone has their own opinion. Some I really agree with and change and revise and work myself to death at their every suggestion. Others, not so much.

I can see why authors say to have someone else read your stuff. It really is invaluable. And by reading other's writing, I can see where mine is weak - and fix it!

Reading: Graffiti Girl by Kelly Parra

Looking for male Beta Readers,

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