Monday, July 14, 2008

Cool New Blog

Status of my Life: I've been writing like crazy. The sequel to Shadows is coming along great. I'm at 55 K now. It's amazing how much you can write when you don't do anything else... ha, ha!

I've stayed away from most of the blogs for almost 5 weeks now. I have to say, I feel freed up by this. I don't feel like I have to know every little thing that's going on in the publishing world. (Well, I've been checking The Buried Editor for a few days now. Stalking is more like it. :) ) I've been able to focus on just writing and critiquing. And I got sucked into another forum, but that would require an entire post of it's own, and sadly, we don't have time for that purging today.


But today, a friend of mine let me know about a first page contest on this blog, Miss Snark's First Victim. I was so impressed with it, it's going on my sidebar of cool blogs to visit. In honor of Miss Snark.

Reading: Critiques. Sadly, I haven't read a published book for about a week now.


Megan said...

Just read the bits from Shadows...I MUST READ MORE!! I'm fascinated and totally interested already. Do I have to pay you to get a peek??

Candace said...

Elana- you are amazing! I can barely put two words together in my mind let alone then put them on paper.....can I read some of your stuff as well? I had every intention of doing it right around Hudson's birth, but then Hudson and Ethan made it a non-possibility.....If I read what you have that would count as reading one book this year right? :)

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