Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shadows Book Trailer

Status of my Life: Oscillating back and forth on point of view - again! Argh! What is wrong with me?

So I've been watching a lot of really cool book trailers lately. Of course, that inspired me to make my own. I made it in iMovie, and I'm not really sure if I can figure out how to post it, but I'm going to try. Um, yeah. Here goes nuthin'.

I think it might have worked. I guess we'll see!



Belinda Kroll, YA Victorian Romance said...

The text was a bit fast/small, but I liked your trailer. Beware copyright issues, though, since you're using music photos you don't own. It wouldn't matter if it were a fan video, but since you're using it to market your own work... well, I don't want you to get in trouble.

But excellent song choice for your work. I totally got into it.

Yilin Wang said...

Not bad at all, Elana!! One suggestion though, the font flies by fast at times and I couldn't catch some of it. Also, copyright. I think you need the permission of the artist for the song you used (most artists are picky about it). Good luck and keep up all the good promotion work..

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