Monday, October 13, 2008

Bawl Babyitis

Well, I think it might be official. I'm the biggest crybaby on the face of the planet. I think my family thinks I never get emotional, but it's all a carefully constructed fa├žade. I tear up nearly every single day. During songs. The worst one? Measure of a Man by Clay Aiken. Now before you go all like, "Ew, CA?" let me explain. His first CD was quite good. That song has me in near hysterics every time I listen to it. It's quite embarrassing while driving. Crying and driving don't go so well together, as tears usually make things like stop signs blurry. I know this from experience. Anyway, that song is so romantic, I lose it every time.

You'd think that only romance makes me weepy. Not so. Just the other day I teared up over a lame-o Zack and Cody episode. If you don't know what that is, just count your lucky stars. Those of you who have preteen boys, you should know Zack and Cody. I wish I didn't, but I do. And I was crying during one of the episodes. Sheesh, Disney channel.

As if Disney didn't do enough by airing Zack and Cody at least five times a day, I almost always cry during their movies. The worst one? Lion King. And we have the book and I was reading to my daughter the other day. When that Mufasa dies…tears.

We got my daughter's Halloween costume today. She's going to be Uniqua from Backyardigans. Those of you who have preschool kids, you should be familiar with this show. See? I run the whole gamut of Nickelodeon and Disney shows. Hey! I read, too!

Anyway, she was so happy to have it, and we tried it on and she was so cute. You guessed it. Started bawling. Played it off like I had something in my eye, but they knew. Kids know everything, especially that their mom is a complete bawl baby, suffering from bawl babyitis.

This is the worst example.

Last night, I was watching Spiderman 2 with my family. Spi-der-man Two.

I started to cry. And not even at one of the romantic parts—mostly because my husband makes sarcastic comments the whole time about the female lead. He doesn't really like her.

Nope. The part on the subway or L train or whatever that thing is. Where Spidey stops the train and blacks out and the people take him into the train and just look at him.

Yup. Tears welling up. Embarrassing. Glancing over to see if anyone's watching. They're not. Whew.

Then the two kids give him his mask back and say, "We won't tell no one." Then they hand him the thing and he puts it on. "It's good to have you back Spiderman." Awww. So sweet.

And a little psychotic on my part, but there ya have it. I am a Spiderman bawl baby. Oh well. There are worse things to be, I guess.

Reading: STORMBREAKER by Anthony Horowitz


jess said...

i'm with your husband. boo female spiderman lead.

you crack me up.

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Aw, that part of Spiderman is totally tears worthy! And I feel you on the teariness, for me it is at its worst during Christmas time - not just the Christmas specials and movies, but even stupid commercials get to me. Yeah, I pull the "just something in my eye" maneuver too!

Carrie Harris said...

Um... yeah. I get a little teary at Spidey too.

Michelle McLean said...

I cry my head off at that part!!! Every single dang time!! I also cry over the National Anthem, parades, when people win stuff, when people lose stuff, any kind of remotely touching commercial, yes, Disney movies (I can't watch Hunchback of Notre Dame....never made it through that movie even once...too sad). I watched the Mel Gibson movie Man Without a Face once, when I was still tears me up - I refuse to watch it again. The Biggest Loser...holy crap, I'm a mess the whole time - yeah, I'm willing to be I'm a bigger bawl baby than you...but you might be a close second ;-)

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