Monday, December 22, 2008

Total Weirdness and Wonky Ish

In case you missed my post on cool words, you should check it out here. Inspired by a comment Megan made on a post, I decided to keep track of the words I have to type in to leave comments on people's blogs. This may reveal just how nerdy and band-geekalicious I am, but oh well.

Here are my faves:

Left on my sister's No Measurements cooking blog: slica. I almost think this could be the name of my next female MC. "Slica ran down the wet sidewalk, thinking it was really slica, just like her name." Dude, the agents will be fawning over that first line.

Left on Megan's blog: pingess. It occurred to me as I left the comment that "-ess" could be a sweet thing to tag onto words to make new ones. Like, "Dudess, I thinkess we couldess go outsidess." Um, that sounds sorta Shakespearess. So maybe notess.

Left on Cole Gibsen's blog: corse. I don't know why, but my mind translated this to "horse." And that's not funny. Or weird. Or wonky. Oh well. Not all words are created equal. 'Corse not. A horse is a horse, of corse of corse...

Left on Archetype's writing blog: tedee. This is a version of "Ta Da!" for those speech-impaired people who can't say "a". Or two-year-olds. Or one of those things on Alice in Wonderland. Or something.

Left on Kate Karyus Quinn's blog (who has the coolest name, BTW): manunut. No, I am not kidding. Man-U-Nut. I laughed out loud and came to put it in the blog post. I'm still laughing.

I wonder what kind of words people get when they comment on my blog...wouldn't that be interesting to know? See what I waste my time thinking about? Sheesh. Think how much I could get done with the brain cells I've been devoting to weird and wonky words.


Megan said...

Ha ha ha! I totally laughed out loud reading this. I guess I'm band-geekalicious too, because I laugh every time...Like today, my word verification is tatiest...Like that is the tatiest cheesecake I've ever tated. He he he.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Elana... the wonky-ishess abounds, but I love it!

Hmmm - Man-U-Nuts, maybe Elky's next screen name?

btw, I'm having to input scelea - sounds Supreme Court Judge-ish to me...

Elana Johnson said...

tatiest! LOL! BTW, your muddy buddies were totally taty. :)

Abi, I'm totally going to email Elky. And scelea could be like a disease you get when you handle too many reptiles.

"What's with that guy's arm?" I watched him stuff an arm covered in greenish brown scales into his jacket sleeve.

"Ohhh, you know, he takes care of snakes." Mimi's voice dropped to a whisper on the last word, like snakes were creatures from the underworld and should be avoided at all costs.

"Snakes?" I asked.

"Yeah. Scelea. It's bad news, man. Way bad news."


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I have gotten so many odd words and always think 'I should write that down', but I never do. So glad that you thought to do it - that is just too too funny.

My word right now is ulatr - as "I'll C ulatr"

Jenn said...

You're not alone. I always think about that, especially when the word is somewhat close to a real word. I wonder, "does so-and-so know that I'm typing in tralit right now?" And then, the DUH moment comes when I realize there's no way they could know what words their blog comment do-dad is coming up with.

By the way, tralit is the word I'm typing into your blog right now. And it totally fits this writing-oriented blog, although I'm not sure what kind of books would fit in this category. There's chic lit, and then there's tra lit...

Elana Johnson said...

Kate, I'm totally adding that to my cool word list. culatr.

Jennifer, I laughed right out loud and my husband hates that! Chick lit and tra lit!

Suzette Saxton said...

"imantsp" You can add that to your list. You should write a humorous book about it! You always crack me up, Elana. :) You'll have to help me with the definition...

jess said...

my friend erin wrote a really funny post on this recently. also, i've had one friend who wrote a post where the commenters had to use their verification word in a sentence, and she gave her favorite one a prize.

here's my word: shishi

i can't think of a sentence. i am thinking sounds like raw fish...but could also be a japanese cross dresser? as in, "i had no idea that japanese lady was a shishi! excellent clothes and makeup!"

here's erin's post:

jess said...

hahaha...this one is culgqg

which i interpret as C U L_____ only the ATER is cut off because you are sinking in quick sand. or something like that.

i'm so silly.

jess said...

p.s. scelea is a disease you get from reading too many supreme court decisions. everyone knows that.

ok, i'll quit now.

word verification: gosol. i think this means quit commenting stupid comments all in a row.

Elana Johnson said...

Jess! I am so doing a contest! That is awesome! LOL

BTW, when you comment on your own blog, you don't get a word verification... :(

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Love this. Hey, for Christmas I got two books of rare and not widely used words...maybe we could come up with more words for you to blithen...Elana - you always blithen me (it means to cheer up or gladden)

Ha...Happy Christmas!

Suzette Saxton said...

Just had to add my latest to the list:


I'm not kidding.

And the word I have to enter for this comment?



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