Friday, September 4, 2009

Life As We Know It, Is Over

Now that it's fall, my regular life is over. I am now morphing into my I'm-smiling-but-I-wish-this-game-had-ended-an-hour-ago self.

I have a love/hate relationship with fall. Here's why:

The weather
The fall foliage (ooh, nice word choice!)

School starting
How early it gets dark
How my whole life is interrupted by college football.

See, I live with a fan. That's not even strong enough for what my DH is. He should've been born in like, Texas or something. I think he sweats footballs. Or face paint. Thus, every weekend, our house is overrun with rabid football fans. Hungry men. Shouting fanatics. Complete depression if "we" lose.

And you know what? I love it.

That's why I have a love/hate relationship with fall--and why I have my own version of the "game face."

How are your relationships? Do they make as much sense as mine? Yeah, probably not. Have a great weekend!


Carrie Harris said...

Sweating footballs is an awesome mental picture.

My husband watches, but not on the football sweating level, and usually he goes out to a sports bar just to get out of the house and have guy time. So actually, football season usually means an extra few nights of writing for me. SCORE!

Stephanie McGee said...

My dad was the same way. But it was fun because it was something fun for him.

I used to be a little rabid, but not quite at that level.

Enjoy the game on Sat. It's gonna be brutal.

Abby Annis said...

I LOVE fall foliage! Wish we had it here. I've always loved visiting family in UT and ID in the fall. So beautiful!

I'm very blessed ;) to have a husband who enjoys playing football, but doesn't enjoy watching it. I think he's only watched one football game in the almost 14 years we've been married. And that's only because the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl.

Scott said...

Luckily for me . . . HGTV or SyFy takes some precedence over football, and only NFL. We might tune in to see Vandy play, and lose more often than not, but are alwasy switching channels, and no rabid football fans in the house. Thankfully!


Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

hmmm. my DH isn't a sports fan in the leather pigskin ball type way. he's into sporting (fish, deer, ducks, you name it). honestly, i think i'd gladly trade one for the other. i'll have to think about that one further.

fall is definitely a love-hate. missing the summer, looking forward to more least that's me.

have a great weekend!
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B.J. Anderson said...

Lol, love the football season! I totally love fall and it's my favorite season, but it freaks me out because I know winter is not far away, and I really hate winter.

Tess said...

TiVo has saved our marraige, lol! Honestly, though, it does help because he can watch the game later and help me NOW. On the other hand, he can record more so he watches like three or four games later. Oh well....

Have a fun weekend. I'll be thinking of you while I'm picking up spilled soda cans and scraping nachos off the carpet :)

Tana said...

College football will rules our lives ...well all year really. This is just the active part of the season.

Angie said...

Oh, I love fall! Everything about it. We have 5 birthdays in the fall in my house. I love school starting, I love the leaves, I love the weather, I love Halloween. Hooray for fall!

Good luck with college football season.

Jody Hedlund said...

Definitely have a "fan" too. Except mine is fanatical about professional football. And that season seems to keep getting longer. Preseason started way back in August!

Katie Salidas said...

I live with a fan so I feel you there. The only difference is mine is not as social. He will glue himself to the tv anytime his team is on and his mood is always effected by his team's score. Ugh!

L.T. Elliot said...

We don't have sports issues but if there is a Mythbuster's Marathon, WATCH OUT! Yeah, my husband's a total geek but he's so hot that my mind goes blank when he looks at me.

Roni Loren said...

I am a huge college football fan, so this made me laugh. I actually do live in Texas (although I'm from Louisiana so my rooting interest lie with LSU). Luckily my husband and I are both diehards for the same team, so no one's throwing things at each other by the end of a game. :)

Unknown said...

I love my husband and I don't completely hate or dislike football, but I'm not really that into it, yet I am going to a football game tomorrow. There must be something wrong with me! LOL

I love and hate fall as well. The weather is to die for...the fall schedule and all the running around...not so much!

lisa and laura said...

I will freely admit that I love the food associated with football. The game itself? Not so much.

I do get a lot of writing done while it's on though. It's the only kind of background noise that doesn't bother me because I could care less.

Sad, but true.

kathrynjankowski said...

Football season = more time for writing (unless the 49ers are playing).

Fall = best time for planting = less time for writing.

Guess it comes out even. :)

Ryan S. Kinsgrove said...

I'm very glad that I'm not a big football fan, and I'm glad that my wife isn't either.

storyqueen said...

Same boat. Love Fall, but it is always packed with stuff. It's like everything cool wanted to be a part of Fall, so it's all jammed into three golden months.


Fantasy Football is my husband's second wife.

Aaron Polson said...

Fall is magnificent. I only wish we had more of the "season" in Kansas. Seems like Summer ends, two days later snow/ice.

*le sigh*

Unknown said...

Oh, yeah. I live with a "fan" too. Although he's mellowed from fanatical to just rabid. :) And he's completely brainwashed our kids, too. Happy football-ing!

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