Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WiP Wed

Today is a lucky day. It's 09-09-09. That only happens once a year and only for the first twelve years of a new century. Is it your lucky day? If so, spill!

As for me, I've been steadily working on my WiP. I participated in Julie Butcher's #wordathon on twitter this past weekend. I need to finish this book I started over the summer. And I wrote 6200 words! I'm almost almost done; I'm on target to meet my self-imposed deadline of next Friday. And that makes me happy. It's more like joy. Or ecstasy.

I've been doing a few last minute tweaks on the ebook. Since I bought the software to convert it from Word to .PDF, I can do it a million times a day. Not that I do that or anything...but I could if I wanted to change just that--one--last--word. I've been working on making it available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, something I hope will happen soon after the release. Other than that, promotion is the biggest item on my plate for the ebook. And let me tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for authors who do their own promotion. It's scary and hard and sort of unchartered territory for me, but I've learned so, so much. And that's invaluable.

How's your week been?


Lisa Aldin said...

Congrats! There's no better feeling that inching closer to that finish line....

I've got 27,000 word in the new WIP. But I've started editing and adding bits from the beginning instead of going all of the way through. I like this method, for some reason, because I felt sort of stuck in the middles. But onward and upward!

Tess said...

On 8-8-08 I bought 8 lottery tickets (was living in CA at the time) and won $100! Maybe I'll drive over to Wyoming today....

and, congrats on the forward WIP progress!

Scott said...

I finished the major word elimination process of revising my RTQP (ready to query project). I need to do one more read through and try to eliminate about 8,000 more words. Le Sigh!

I worked on some stuff to get ready for an online conference in October.

I may have to go buy 9 lottery tickets!


Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

It's Beatles Day with the release of the remastered CDs and the Rock Band game!

Unknown said...

Congrats on 6,200 words in one weekend! I just started a new wip 2 weeks ago today and have 20,000 words so far - my self-imposed deadline is Oct. 15th and I have my hubby pushing me on it (I do better with some external pushing as well as internal). Then I'll go back to my other wip which I put on hold because I'm in love with me new one.

Jeannie Campbell, LMFT said...

congrats on the word count! awesome. i hope you reach all your goals by Friday!

my week is great...finished my own WIP and did the proposal. memorized the pitch for conference next week. good stuff. :)

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Unknown said...

Congrats, Elana, on almost being finished. *claps and cheers* Is this the first draft or the last (as if there's such thing)?

My week? My computer was hit hard by a virus last week and I lost all my files. Fortunately almost everything (except for some summer pics for my blog) were backed up. But we bought a shiny new computer yesterday (Literally a shiny computer) so I'm happy again. :D

Jen said...

You're getting close to being finished! Congratulations. That's such a wonderful feeling!

My week's been good so far. Almost finished moving everything in (almost). Got my query back from my critique buddy (a second time) and working on a new YA novel. I'm busy, but I like it that way :)


Stephanie McGee said...


LOL That's funny about all the changes you keep making. I think that's why some authors say they never read their book after it's been published because they always find something they want to change.

Good luck getting the rest of the book written!

lisa and laura said...

The WIP is coming along nicely. We're averaging about 2,000 words a day, 5 days a week. Not bad. Slow and steady, right?

ali cross said...

Is it Penny's book Elana? The seeing-death-girl? Can't wait to get my hands on that one to read! You know I adore you. Right?

SO happy to get your e-book too. That's uber cool you're gonna do it on iPhone. I'll have to seriously consider waiting for that version. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

I need to get back to writing. I think my creative muse has been so choked up by edits that she's forgotten how to CREATE. Maybe I ought to do something about that.

Michelle McLean said...

So excited about your book coming out! And you are going through Pixel Mags? Sweet!! :D (hehe had to toss the name in there) ;-D

And awesome wordage!! Wow, I'm impressed. I just want to get my edits done so I can focus on my new book LOL

L.T. Elliot said...

6200 words? Way to go, Elana!!!

kathrynjankowski said...

I declared summer officially over, and got out of slacker mode. Making progress–nothing like yours, good job!–and feeling good about how the story's moving along.

Crystal and Pamela said...

You know when I saw today's date laid out that way, I thought it looked meaningful. I'm glad it was supposed to be good luck and not bad luck for once!!

* * * *

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Pamela said...

You're very much welcome for the award!! You deserve it.

I have to agree that teaching is a wonderful profession! I (Pamela) am actually already certified in early childhood education but I'm having a tough time finding a job in today's market. I'm working as a special ed assistant this year so I'm still around children daily! Crystal is still in college, but is planning to do her graduate studies in education.

B.J. Anderson said...

Congrats on everything! And I'm eagerly awaiting the e-book.

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