Friday, June 8, 2012

An Interview With Another Violet

Okay, so the fabulous Kristi Cook had her second book come out this week too. MIRAGE is the sequel to HAVEN.

And the protag's name is Violet. Violet McKenna. Today, she's here to give us a bit more insight into her world, while my Violet--Violet Schoenfeld from POSSESSION/SURRENDER--is on Kristi's blog. Go read her interview over there.

So Violet, you have some powers of your own. Care to share what they are, exactly?
Well, I have visions of the future—which, trust me, isn’t a lot of fun, really. Mostly because the visions are always of bad things happening to people that I care about. If that’s not weird enough, it also turns out that I’m this rare kind of vampire slayer, a Sabbât. According to legend, there’s only three of us at any given time. In the entire world. Seriously. 

So you and Aidan, huh? Want to tell us more about him? What’s his power? Why are you so drawn to him? Come on, give us the good stuff.
At first I thought he was just a mind reader, which was really annoying—I had to learn to block my thoughts whenever he was around. Later, I learned he’s really a vampire. Which makes our relationship kind of tricky. You know, since I’m a vampire slayer. But…vampire or not, he’s kind. Really, really kind. And generous. And funny. And smart. And, okay, yeah, he’s pretty hot, too. 

What’s the one thing you were most scared about upon arriving at Winterhaven?
Not fitting in! I mean, I’d spent my entire life trying to hide my “gift” from the rest of the world. I didn’t want anyone to realize that I was a freak. Turns out, I didn’t need to worry about that!

What kinds of other powers can we find in the students at Winterhaven?
Pretty much the whole range of psychic powers—telekinetics, telepaths, clairsentients, empaths. My roommate, Cece, can astrally project, which is really cool. There’s this one group who people call the “shapeshifters.” I’m not exactly sure what the technical term is, but they can…I don’t know, kind of go all misty-like? So they can sort of blend in with their surroundings. Personally, I think it’s kind of cool, but they get picked on a lot. You know, the freakiest freaks at the freak school. Pretty lame, if you ask me. 

Got any enemies?
Apparently, vampires. At least, they’re supposed to be my enemies. And yet…my boyfriend’s a vampire, and so is Winterhaven’s current Headmistress, Mrs. Girard. Actually, I get along with most vampires just fine. It’s just those Propagators and rogue vamps I have to worry about.

What’s the one thing you miss most about your dad?
His laugh. He had the most amazing laugh.

What makes you the happiest?
Being with my friends—Aidan, Cece, Marissa, Sophie, Kate, Joshua, and Jack—at Winterhaven. It’s the first time in all my life that I can truly be myself, where I actually feel like I belong, you know?

Wow, excellent insight into Kristi's books, from the MC herself! Get your copy of MIRAGE today

ALSO, Kristi and I will be hosting a #winViolet tweet-fest next Wednesday, June 13. One lucky person will win a signed copy of both SURRENDER and MIRAGE. 

We'll be starting at 4 PM EST on twitter, tweeting a new letter every hour for six hours. Once you have all the letters, you'll have to unscramble them (it's six letters. You can do it!), and then go here to enter to win the signed copies of SURRENDER and MIRAGE.

So join us with the hashtag #winViolet next Wednesday!

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Stina said...

Wow, it must be tough being friends with vampires when you're supposed to be slaying them. Isn't that like an FBI agents becoming friends with the serial killers they're supposed to be arresting, and then not arresting them? lol

Sounds like an awesome book, Kristie!

Natalie Aguirre said...

This was a really good interview Elana. I really enjoyed it and this book sounds good. I hadn't heard of it. Thanks.

Julie Dao said...

Great interview and I LOVE that character name. Winterhaven sounds like it would be a really interesting school to attend...

Amy Saia said...

Great interview. Beautiful cover.

Liesel K. Hill said...

Thanks for the interview with a character! What a great idea! I'm not much into paranormal, but this is actually the second book from this genre I've read about today and actually been pretty inspired by. Thanks for sharing it! :D

Angela Brown said...

This is really the coolest, two Violet authors, two great stories, two great interviews.


Matthew MacNish said...

What a cool idea for an interview. I'm off to read the other one.

Unknown said...

What a super fun idea you two did!!!! LOVE IT! I'm so excited about MIRAGE... DELISH!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today Elana! Always a pleasure showing off those amazing guest posts of yours!

Jemi Fraser said...

This Violet sounds awesome as well! Also sounds like she's got some tough choices to make!

Lynn Proctor said...

what a beautiful name--nice interview--looks good!

Katherine said...

Great Interview!

Leslie S. Rose said...

Ooh, I'm feeling a twinge of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" vibe here. Love that. Killer cover.

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