Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meme - What Does That Word Mean, Anyway?

Yeah, I've used it in a sentence. I've read it on the Internet. But I'm one of those smile-and-nod people. Then I frantically look things up later.

So here you have it. This is what "meme" means. I'm sure you would have all been able to come up with that on your own. *snarf* And when I used it in a sentence, I used it wrong. Le sigh.

Anyway, Emily over at Lefty in my Write Mind (which is the coolest blog title, right?) tagged me in this meme.

Seven things about myself. Recently, my SIL Lisa, did this. Her post was so freaking awesome, I just feel like linking to it and calling it done. Sadly, I do not currently wear men's deodorant. I should, I know.

And Emily did such a great job telling about herself. I mean, who can top a plane crash? Not I, said the lazy dog. So I guess you're stuck with my lame answers. I will try to tell you something different about myself. BUT, there's a catch. You've got to tell me something about yourself too. Ooh! I know, let's play the LINKAGE GAME, blog-style!

This sounds complicated, but trust me, it's not. We played it at a faculty meeting at school once. It was supposed to build faculty unity or something. One person stood at the front and said a couple of somethings they did that summer. If you did the same thing, you had to run to them and link arms. Then you said two or three things you did that summer and hoped against all that's holy that someone would link to you, too. No one wants to be a link loser. Most of the time, it was like watching an NFL game as teachers tackled each other to get to the front. Cuz no one wants to go last either.

Okay, so LINKAGE GAME, blog-style. So I'm gonna list seven things about myself. You choose one where we "link" (basically something in common, or something you wish you'd done--like wear men's deodorant--or something you can relate to) and post a comment about it.

Then you can do the same thing on your blog (post seven things about yourself with a LINK back to me, and ask your blog readers to find a LINK to you, etc.). Doesn't this sound sooo fun? I've never been more excited. By the way, the more general in nature the things you list are, the more likely you are to find people who can LINK to you. Wow, that's a long, convoluted sentence. Good luck with that.

Getting to Know You...Getting to Know All About You... *cue the music, peeps*

1. I have attended four colleges/universities. Just to earn my bachelor's degree. I spanned an entire state from north to south in order to accomplish my goal. College was like a curse. I hated it. HATED it. Then I went on to earn 53 graduate credits. I guess I like torturing myself too. Or maybe just getting paid more.

2. I have two kids. One boy, one girl. They are awesome. When they're asleep. They have shining moments when they're awake, too. I seriously do love them to death.

3. I teach elementary school. I started in the year 2000 (kinda like, "I've been to the year 3000...") in a 4th, 5th, and 6th grade music and art classroom. I designed my own curriculum based on the State core since there isn't, like, a textbook on that kind of stuff. After three years of that, I switched to 3rd Grade. Then I moved into the Computer Lab last year. That's where I've been for the past two years. Teaching rules.

4. I have a horrible, terrifying, don't-mess-with-me fear of heights. The world spins. My stomach churns. I can't see. No joke. You would only catch me at the top of the Sears Tower if it was the final location of The Amazing Race and Phil was up there with a million dollar check. And maybe not even then.

5. I am missing the oily layer on the tear film in both of my eyes. Probably because of my 24/7 contact wearage in high school. Yeah, we think we're invincible, but bam! Take that! Can't ever wear contacts again. And unimaginable amounts of dryness, which almost always equals pain of some sort.

6. I have severe addictions to the following: Oreos, bacon, dying my hair, watching reality TV, driving too fast, laughing too loud, sleeping in on the weekend, facebook, blogging, reading, stamping, salt, writing, downloading songs from iTunes and making copious numbers of (unlabeled) CDs, and eating out. It's a good thing I don't smoke or drink.

7. I often leave my house without wearing shoes. I just can't be bothered to find them and put them on when I'm just running the boy kid to scouts or piano or basketball practice. Sometimes the clutch hurts my left foot and then I know--I ride the clutch. Oh well. It's better than riding the slow boat to China, which I also often do.

So there you have it. Not as witty as Lisa. Not as exciting as Emily. Can you LINK to me? Leave your LINK in a comment and post your own "7 Things About Myself" meme on your own blog. I can't wait to see how we LINK UP! And don't be too literal about the linkage. At school, someone said they spent time with their grandkids and a girl came to the front and said she was going to have a kid. Basically, if it has the same letters, you can link. Or knil. Or inkl. Or whatev.


Michelle D. Argyle said...

Great Meme! I have an English friend who uses this word all the time. I thought it was something from the UK...

I was wrong. Thanks for clarifying!

Hmm, where do we link? Um, the children sleeping bit. I LOVE it when mine is sleeping. She's just wonderful that way. Then she wakes up and well, you know, she can be a monster. She's two. But really, really cute at least! I love her to death, too. :)

I don't do pass-ons usually, so I'll probably skip out on the Meme this time. It was fun to see where we linked, though! And great to learn more about you!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Okay, so the thing that I had most in common was that I also recently looked up the definition of "meme." I was trying to figure out if that was the right term to use in connection to my WIP Weds, and then unsure, decided it wasn't, but now I wonder if maybe it was? Hmmm...

Anyways, I took up your challenge and posted my response here.

Michelle McLean said...

Okay I tried to post and it didn't work (I don't think) so here we go again ;D

I can link to you on #s 1,2 and 4...I also went to 4 schools to get my bachelors, I have a boy and a girl (who are awesome when asleep) :D and I have a crippling fear of heights.

I also mentioned that Em memed me too, and I'm going to steal a few of our mutual answers ;)

Lis said...

Elana, you really should try the man deodorant, it's great. We link in too many ways to count, but I'll go with the bacon addiction problem.

Anonymous said...


LOVED your Meme, and being a "lazy dog", myself, lol, wanted to look up the word meme, too (had a generic idea of its meaning) but hadn't gotten to it, yet. Thank you!

I was pronouncing it completely wrong -- in 2 syllables, sounding like Meh-may. I like the sound of it better my way, lol.

You made me giggle -- not plane crash, : ) but emergency landing (that felt like a plane crash, minus the impact, thank God).

I, too, am not too keen on heights -- only, I get this weird feeling of jumping off -- which I would never do -- which is why it scares me. I don't know what that is. I first felt it as a kid at Niagra Falls.

As for contact lenses, I was never allowed to sleep in mine because it made veins start to grow (for oxygen) toward my cornea. But, eyes get drier for females eventually, so I know one day I, too, will need to surrender to glasses -- I don't mind, though. As long as I have my eyes and they both work.

Oh boy, I looooove bacon, but I'm a vegetarian.

Lastly, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your writing. : ) I can't wait to buy your novels one day.

Thanks so much for making Meme with me! Most of all, I'm glad to have made two new writing friends -- off I go, now, to read Michelle's.

Em : )

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