Monday, March 16, 2009

My Public Confession...

Okay, so I said I was going to take on the challenge to read 50 books this year. Um, yeah. A certain friend of mine has been kicking my virtual patootie. I think she's on like, 15 or something. Since I am the most competitive person on the planet (no, seriously. I was playing basketball with my husband-then-fiancee and I just can't play. I have to play. He ended up elbowing me in the skull, chipping a small piece of bone off my eyebrow bone. Is that what it's called? Anyway, you can still feel the piece of bone moving around in there, 12 years later. I'm just that competitive), I can't let this year go by without reading 50 books.

This doesn't seem like it should be that big of a deal. I used to read 2-3 books a week. Note the words "used to." That was before I started writing. This seems backward, but now I spend all my free time writing, editing, critiquing, and surfing the 'net.

I really need to get back to reading.

So here's my public confession. I've only read two books this year. Le sigh.

My goal: List at least one book per week from now on. I have the summer to catch up. (Yeah, that's what I'm telling myself.)

My 50 books in 2009:
1. TANTALIZE by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Like I haven't said enough about this book. I read it the first week of January. I have ETERNAL in my queue.

2. THE SISTERS GRIMM by Michael Buckley and Peter Ferguson

I have access to hundreds and hundreds of books. My DH has a classroom library. I brought this book home over the weekend and devoured it. A fantastic blend of fairy tales and detective work. You should read it if you like humor, fairy tales, mystery, and a fun time. It was fantastic.

So that makes 2 this year. I have a stack of 12-15 books on my table. I'm so gonna get caught up on this whole 50 books thing.

I blogged about which books I have in my queue here. What else do I need to read this year?

You so know I'm not going to lose this. Even though I'm only at #2...


lisa and laura said...

You have to add Wintergirls to your list, it was phenomenal. And you've got to bump up the Book Thief to the top of the list, that book is one of the best I've ever read. Have you read The Luxe? I bet you'd like that too...the books in that series are pretty entertaining.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Hey, that's further along than me. :)

I haven't read one yet... sad, huh?

Michelle McLean said...

LOL always a pleasure to kick someone's patootie...virtual or otherwise ;-) But as I said before, the only reason I am knocking back 3 or so books a week is because my writing is in the toilet. I am planning on getting my hiney upstairs right this second, though, to do some writing. I bought some notebooks and pretty blue pens :D (I'm going to use the awesome one you are making me for my notes) :D

Oh, I did read the sixth and seventh Harry Potter books this weekend (and got the usual eye rolls and snide "well you polished that off in one day, didn't you?) comments from my husband...but I can't count them because I've read them before - so my count for this week is still 0 :D

LOL my word is "gagable." I am soo using that somewhere. "Like, she is just totally gagable, isn't she?" :D

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I am doing the 50 book challenge too, and have been doing good, although I've slowed down a bit this month - I've only read two books so far.

I have to second Lisa and Laura's recommendation of The Book Thief - just finished that one earlier this week (it kept me up until 2:30AM if that tells you something) and it was amazing!

Kathryn Hupp-Harris said...

Fifty books in one year. Does Dr. Seuss count?

(Thanks Michelle for setting that bar so high and making the rest of us look like slackers.) :-)

It's my goal to finish the one I have sitting on my nightstand before the end of the month.

You can do it Elana!

ali cross said...

I believe in you! You can DO it! I'm actually reading a lot more than I usually do so far this year.

Like you, when I started writing I stopped reading.

But now, I'm starting to get the hang of doing both. Or at least, that's the lie I tell myself.

Truth is, I'm probably doing better at reading now and not-so-good at the writing. But hey, I'm a work in progress, right?

Then again, I'm not making any seriously wild promises like I'm gonna read fifty books this year. Pishaw! I'm not THAT crazy ;)

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