Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Work in Progress...Tuesday?


Yeah, tomorrow is my day to post in the blog chain, so I can't do a WiP Wednesday. Lame, I know. But I don't want to miss it.

This week it's pretty short. I recently had one of those light-bulb-above-the-head moments on a novel I wrote way last year. So I spent the weekend completely ignoring my current WiP and editing that novel.

But I'm refocused now. Or as refocused as I can get. This week's progress report is stats on the current WiP I've tentatively titled Living Assistants. It's a play on words...get it? I love it. But I try not to get too attached to my words, cuz I end up killing most of them.

Anyway, onto the stats!

Notebooks filled: 1.5 + several pages in a NOTES notebook for things I have to go back and add in on the second draft. Layers, baby. Layers.

Words written: this is a guesstimate from when I typed up my writing during NaNo. Five front and back pages was about 1000 words. So maybe 27,000? This scares me a lot. Because I'm almost to the end of this novel. Luckily it's a middle grade, so it might not need to be much longer. My goal was about 40 K. We'll see when I type this bad boy up.

Goal for having this rough draft done: April.

Blue pens emptied:

Black pens emptied: 1

Color of pen I like best: blue

Point preferred: medium (none of this fine stuff)

Hours of sleep lost due to writing: this week? Maybe 6

Number of times playlist has repeated: unknown

Number of times the bad guy has shifted: 3

Heroes episodes waiting on the DVR: 2, oops 3 (from last night)

Hours spent on distractions: countless

So the writing goes on. How are you doing on your WiP? Wait! Don't post until tomorrow. sengihnampakgigi


Aubrie said...

Word count always scares me when I'm towards the end and it doesn't look like I have enough words!!!

I always have to go back and flush out scenes. sometimes it's like pulling teeth! But it makes the book and the characters better in the end.

It nice to know that someone else gets scared of word counts too!

Michelle D. Argyle said...

This sounds great, Elana! I'm so glad you are moving the book forward. It really is all about layers, isn't it? It is for me!

Annie Louden said...

I love that you decided which color pen you like better. I prefer black.
Your stats are great! You really seem to be chugging along. It's inspiring!

Tara Maya said...

What do you do with the pens? Do you write scenes or just edit with them?

Michelle McLean said...

*sigh* you put me to shame, as always :D I am jealous over your wordage...I think my count for the week is a big fat 0 :D I think I am going to convert TL to YA this week...it'll make me feel like I accomplished something :D Congrats on the progress!!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Woh, great progress this week!

Love the stats on Heroes. My DVR has about 10 hours or more worth of various TV shows that my husband and I are backlogged on watching due to my writing time cutting into out TV watching time. If only there were a few more hours in the day.

Elana Johnson said...

Tara Maya, I'm writing the entire novel by hand. With pen. Preferrably blue. ;)

Thanks for the WiP love, peeps! Slow and steady, right?

Oooh, Michelle (elky) you've got to send me TL when you finish the YA conversion. You know I likes me a good YA novel...

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