Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I Can't Live Without

My blog holiday post last week got me thinking about real things I can't live without. It didn't help that that very morning, I was aroused from a deep sleep when I heard my garage door open. See, I thought my husband had been in the shower, the water was running. I love that white noise while I sleep. But I digress.

The shower was off. The garage door had opened. My heart felt like lead. I didn't even have to get up to know what was going on.

The hot water heater had gone out. Again. That's right, peeps. AGAIN. Just fourteen months ago, I gave up a right kidney to keep my tiny townhome supplied with hot water. Seriously. With what a plumber costs, that's about what it took.

So here I was again. I didn't shower. Went to work. Was on the phone when my first class (of 6th graders) came in. When I hung up, I told them I was having a life moment and that this was my "unshowered" look.

They all stared. They had that look in their eyes like they weren't sure if I was kidding or not. Then one of them said, "Mrs. Johnson, it looks the same as your showered look."

*major snarfage*

So anyway, now I've been thinking about things I can't live without. And you guessed it. Hot water is way up there. Here's my top five, in no particular order.

1. Reality TV
2. Music
3. Hot water
4. Dove dark
5. My kiddos

Hmm...writing didn't make the list, but it would probably be in the top ten. What's your top five? Lay it on me baby. I showered today. In super-hot, scalding water. And no, I still have a functioning kidney. Barely.


Rebecca L Sutton said...

Thanks for the early morning laugh! Loved how somone in the class said you looked no different from your showered look. Ohh kids are just so brutally honest aren't they? Too funny.

Things I couldn't live without? Hmmm...

(in no particular order)

-My son
-My trusty green laptop
-Arizona Stress Tea
-My incredible family

OK I'll stop now! It's too easy once you get going.

Anonymous said...

OKay...here we go......
1) My husband and kids
2) Music
3) Pad/pen to write
4) Sunshine, the beach and the waves
5) My best freinds....

(I'm thinking hot water would need to be there at some point!!!)


Unknown said...

This is probably going to sound a bit "snarky" as you put it, but I'm being honest here.

1. Food
2. Water
3. Family
4. Friends
5. God

I could get by with just those things, but if you had asked for my top ten, indoor plumbing, music, books, change and computers would have made the cut.

Michelle D. Argyle said...

Um, since our power went out awhile ago, I have to see it's up on the top 5. Can't have hot water without power. Can't have Internet without power. Can't have easy writing without power. No computer, you see. Urgh!

My list:

-My religion
-My family
-My home
-My hobbies

I guess some of those are vague. I should think more specific, but I'm too tired.

Danyelle L. said...

*sympathy cookies*

It's funny how we don't notice some things until they stop working. ;)

My five:

1)My religion
2)My family
3)My writing
4)My home

Raven said...

This is a tough one. 5 Things I Can't Live Without (of course, in no particular order):
(1) My faith.
(2) Chocolate, preferably dark.
(3) My hubby and kids.
(4) The written word.
(5) Indoor plumbing.

Anonymous said...

Hot water is high on my list of things I can't do without, too. We had months of our own hot water saga. It got to the point that I named our new hot water after the plumber that finally fixed the problem (he was tired of driving out in snow storms to fix what he had already fixed before). Wishing you lots of hot water!

Eric said...

Maybe its me being a guy, but I can deal with living without hot water. Or maybe its because I've been in the Army so I've already been there, done that plenty of times. I do feel for ya though. It was funny though that your kids in class were entertaining with their response.

Here's my top five:

1. Physical necessities (food, water, air, etc) - yes I know thats one than more thing, but they go together.
2. My wife and kids.
3. A working toilet (yeah, don't need hot water but I absolutely cannot go without this).
4. One set of clothes - can't run around nakie, now can we?
5. Lots of diet coke - everybody's got an addiction. Thats mine, heh heh.

Oh, and following very quickly behind these is a broadband internet connection. Have you ever gone without the 'Net? Its downright uncivilized.

Elana Johnson said...

Eric, that's funny! The toilet should definitely be up there. Good call, man.

And now I'm feeling all selfish for my reality TV. I should have lumped mine together better. Like 1. Family and friends 2. Entertainment 3. Food, water, etc. 4. Guilty pleasures (Dove dark, Dreyer's lemonade bars, etc.) 5. Religion

Dude, it encompasses so much more that way! Yeah, lets go with those. ;)

Jenn Adams said...

- My religion
- My family
- Indoor Heat
- The ability to read
- Running Water
- Flash-frozen Chicken Breasts

Okay, I threw that last one in there for fun. :)

BTW, word verification for today: AFTERIT. Srsly.

Rachael said...

Hmmm... Other than life's essentials (air, water, food, ice cream)

- mom
- laptop
- writing
- reading
- horses

Oh I can't live without country music. My writing isn't as good without it.

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