Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Things, Bad Things

Status of my Life: Writing the end of one of my WiP's. Oh, and I better get that steampunk polished and sent off to WOTF! Not much time left...

Bad Thing: I realized I forgot to blog the last day of the conference on Friday. Oh well, I must have been so overwhelmed with so many good things, that I couldn't think straight. I highly advise anyone to go to a writing conference. Just being around other authors is intoxicating.

Good Thing: I started in a new critique group on the Forward Motion Writer's Forum this week. Yeah, like I need another forum to frequent. I don't actually read through all the forum talk, because let's face it, I'm busy enough on QT and AQ Connect. I'd like to get over to Verla Kay eventually, but I haven't made it there yet.

Bad Thing: My voices are going dim again...

Good Thing: I was able to coax the voices back last time and have some good starts to stories that fizzled when the voices stopped. And I know how to get the voices back when they go quiet. Some call this writer's block. I have voices...that could be labeled under a "Bad Thing" too, I guess.

Bad Thing: I hear voices...

Good Thing: A friend of mine finally read SHADOWS--a novel I've been shredded on continually for the past four months. I know it has problems, as everyone keeps pointing out to me. She loved it. Said it was her favorite one. I was stunned. I think I had to lift my chin off the floor with a Bobcat. So maybe there's hope...

Bad Thing: Sleeping through the alarm and being late to tennis. I love tennis and every minute counts!

Good Thing: Live crit group tomorrow. I love meeting with those ladies and laughing. It's so fun!

Bad Thing: Staying up until 1 AM, getting up at 6 AM, rinse and repeat. I feel like a zombie.

Good Thing: Swimming pools in the summer.

Bad Thing: Kids who won't go to bed when you tell them to.

Good Thing: Writing. I love being a writer.

Reading: THE EDGE OF MEMORY by H.L. Dyer and THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer

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