Monday, June 30, 2008

I Wish I Had A Cool Job

Status of my Life: Editing and revising and I started a sequel yesterday! Exciting!

One of my friends just dropped by. She said, "I'm going up to the cemetery for a photo shoot." Isn't that the coolest job description? I laughed and laughed. Just so you know, she's a graphic designer for a craft magazine and they're working on the October issue and need some "spooky" shots. She's on her way to the grocery store for some dry ice right now. I thought it was hilarious.

This may reveal some stuff about me, but other cool jobs I wish I had:
Pilot - who wouldn't want to fly around? Sounds awesome, besides my fear of heights of course.

Cameraman - like for the show Heroes. How cool would that be? I love Hiro and Isaac.

Conductor - of like a symphony, not a train. To have that power and the wave of a hand. Phenomenal.

Professional gardener - I love flowers, it's just the bees and sunburns I don't like...

Editor - I love reading new books and offering my advice/suggestions. I guess that's why I love my critique groups so much. :)

Reading: OUTCASTS OF 19 SCHULER PLACE by E.L. Koningsburg

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